Foreign Minister of Malaysia called Wang Yi “big brother”! Foreign media exposed his cousin is a corrupt former Prime Minister Najib

Malaysian Foreign Minister Hishammuddin went to Fujian, China, on January 1 to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Hishammuddin addressed Wang Yi as “my big brother” in Chinese at a press conference, which was revealed by the foreign media as Hishammuddin’s cousin, former Prime Minister Najib, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption.

The Chinese official media released a film, Hisham Mudin 1 in front of the media at a press conference, claiming that Malaysia and China is “true friendship”, and said in Chinese to Wang Yi “we are all family”, and then in Chinese to call Wang Yi as “Wang Yi gave two thumbs up to Hysan Mudin on the spot, saying “We are brothers”.

According to Radio Free Asia, the U.S. and its allies are blocking China, and in order to break out, Foreign Minister Wang Yi has been working hard to bring in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries, but the man Wang met with, Hisham Mudin, is the cousin of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib, who was involved in the Malaysian sovereign fund “One Malaysia Fund” corruption case in 2020 and was heavily sentenced to 12 years. In the past 12 years, China has been rumored to have asked Najib to influence the United States to drop the case of the fund, so that China can start the “One Belt, One Road” project in Malaysia.

The meeting between Wang Yi and Hishamuddin, one of the memorandum of understanding signed by the two sides mentioned “continuing to promote high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road”, and Hishamuddin even mentioned that foreign forces will not succeed in their attempts to divide and split, and that the Malaysian government will restart the “China-Malaysia oil and gas pipeline” suspended by the previous Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. The “China-Malaysia oil and gas pipeline” project was suspended by the previous Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.