The famous mainland political forum “Cat’s Eye View” was closed down

Liu Xiaoyuan tweeted that “Cat’s Eye View”, the main section of, was shut down as of tonight. (Twitter)

Despite escalating internal censorship and repeated deletions, the well-known mainland current affairs forum “Cat’s Eye View” has not escaped closure.

On March 30, Liu Xiaoyuan, a well-known human rights lawyer on the mainland, tweeted that the main section of, “Cat’s Eye View”, had been shut down as of tonight. He also attached an announcement from the Kedi community, saying that “after the editorial committee’s study and the board’s approval,” it was decided to close three columns, including “Cat’s Eye View”, from 20:00 today.

Liu Xiaoyuan tweeted that the main section of, “Cat’s Eye View”, was closed from tonight. (Twitter)

Liu Xiaoyuan said that Kedi Community and its “Cat’s Eye View” section has been ranked among the top community forums in China for ten years, and is one of the most famous social and humanities forum sections in the Chinese online world.

When the Epoch Times reporter searched the “Cat’s Eye View” section of, the original forum had completely disappeared and the links from the past were no longer available.

The original “Cat’s Eye View” section of the website has completely disappeared. (Screenshot)

Before the popularity of microblogs and WeChat, the Kedi community used to be a base for liberals in mainland China, where a large number of private citizens gathered every day to discuss politics, and where many famous writers and scholars posted “buildings” to expose the inside story of history, many of which were bold.

But in recent years, the Kedi community has been tightening up its speech, deleting posts has become the norm.

As early as 2011, the “Sea of History” website, which disclosed the truth about the Chinese Communist Party‘s history and the war of resistance, was shut down.

In August 2017, authorities interviewed the heads of Tianya Community and for “spreading obscene pornography and other illegal and undesirable information” and ordered the sites to rectify the situation.

Many people on Twitter still miss the “cat’s eye view”. Some tweeters said: “Once the most loved forum, enlightened countless people, the first to be closed is the “history of the sea” board, hey!

“Cat’s Eye is the earliest thoughtful forum I’ve read, and it’s the earliest enlightenment for me!”

“Finally all the air holes are sealed.”

Public information shows that the Kaidi community is the Southern Newspaper Media Group’s Kaidi network affiliated discussion forum, opened in Haikou City, Hainan Province, the owner of Kaidi Network Information Co. The main section of the Kedi community is “Cat’s Eye View”, which is the main section of the Kedi community.

The Epoch Times randomly searched for a few examples of early “Cat’s Eye View” posts for readers’ reference.

Huang Guanhong, the son of Huang Wanli, a renowned expert in hydraulic engineering, created a post on the “Cat’s Eye View” website between 2010 and 2016 called “Watching the Three Gorges with Conscience and Science,” which used data to speak for six or seven years and received six or seven million hits.

Zhu Min, a former soldier of the 448th Infantry Regiment, 150th Division of the 50th Communist Party of China (CPC), wrote a book about his memories of the 1979 battle against Vietnam, “The Soldiers Were Defeated”, which was first published on “Cat’s Eye View” in 2006 and signed by Beijing Old Fish. This book pioneered the trend of documentary literature on the Sino-Vietnamese war with the theme of defeat and rout.

In October 2013, someone posted on “Cat’s Eye View” about Lin Biao’s truth about the Korean War, “The Korean War was a conspiracy by Stalin to provoke relations between the East and the West, to allow North Korea to attack South Korea, and to trigger the United Nations to send troops to North Korea.” This post has become the most popular on the forum. This post became one of the hottest posts on the forum.

On March 29, 2014, “Cat’s Eye View” published a blog post recreating the historical scene of the vote on the Three Gorges proposal at the Fifth Session of the Seventh National People’s Congress in March 1992.

The 1992 Three Gorges proposal was forced through with absolutely no public debate, with 1,767 votes in favor, 177 against, 664 abstentions, and 25 votes that did not press the voting machine. The total number of people who voted against, abstained and withdrew from voting in this vote was 866, accounting for 33% of all delegates. The high number of votes against and abstentions made it the first voting crisis in the political history of the Communist Party.

At 8:00 a.m. on December 30, 2015, an article titled “Even if the Zhao Family is more powerful, it cannot overturn the cliff” was posted by the author of “The Great Wind is Like a Knife” on the mainland’s largest community website “Cat’s Eye View”, suggesting that the CCP is at the end of its rope and is about to disintegrate. It is about to disintegrate.