The political task of vaccination in the mainland is to force and induce

Vaccination with the new crown has recently become a political task in the mainland, with layers of pressure and inducements. (Weibo photo composite)

From “voluntary” to semi-compulsory to compulsory vaccination, the administration of the New Crown vaccine has recently become a political task in state-owned enterprises on the mainland, with pressure and inducements at every level. The Communist Party’s official media has also launched a propaganda campaign, with CCTV taking the lead in calling for everyone to get vaccinated.

Mr. Li from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province, told the Epoch Times that the local Jiamusi City, Huachuan County, Simafang Township, sent a notice of vaccination in a WeChat group on March 29, and again on the morning of the 30th, and each local village also used a big radio to shout all morning to notify villagers of the vaccination.

The notice stated that “China has effectively controlled the Epidemic, but the world epidemic is still serious, so in order to prevent importation, we advocate universal vaccination against the new coronavirus (Chinese communist virus)” and asked that those who do not want to be vaccinated must present their recent medical records; otherwise, “unconditionally, all must be vaccinated against the new coronavirus “.

The notice also threatened villagers that “those who do not receive the vaccine will not be given free treatment by the state if they are infected with New Coronavirus (CCP) pneumonia, and all costs will be borne by themselves, and they will be held legally responsible for ‘infecting others’.”

Ms. Shen in Yangpu District, Shanghai, told the Epoch Times that her street also recently received a notice for vaccination, making an appointment to register, posted in the neighborhood’s hallways, and that the age for vaccination had risen to 75 years old.

On March 30, many netizens posted on Weibo, spitting out that vaccination has become a political task and expressing dissatisfaction with the mandatory implementation: “Political task bull, the new crown (CCP virus) vaccine has directly become mandatory!” “Today’s meeting again stressed the requirement to vaccinate and finish it within this week, saying it is a political task!”

“The vaccination against the new crown (CCP virus) has gradually become a political task, from voluntary to semi-compulsory to mandatory, I want to know if this is how my neighborhood operates, or if it is the same everywhere else in Shanghai.”

“At night the community came to visit again to register for the vaccine …… can’t respect the wishes of the individual …… feel like being forcibly taken to castration!”


There are also netizens criticism, the local government in order to complete the political task, regardless of the specific circumstances, regardless of the people’s lives: “play hard to suppress the standard, preparing for pregnancy can play, regardless of whether you are overage, breastfeeding forced to quit breast milk must also play, regardless of whether your child is a newborn, serious allergies must also play, basic diseases must also play, anyway, in order to complete the task, regardless of the people’s lives, you It is too chilling.”

State enterprises and units forced to vaccinate

In addition, several notices or internal conversations have been posted on mainland social media of suspected state-owned enterprises, groups and other units requiring the completion of a certain percentage of vaccinations.

The internal dialogue of a group’s personnel shows that the percentage of people required to be vaccinated is 60%, and that it is a task.

Internal dialogue of a group’s personnel. (Screenshot from Weibo)

Another conversation record of a group of administrative principals of a SASAC unit shows a leader reminding that many other sister units have reached 80% vaccination rate and asking their own units to quickly mobilize to catch up.

(Screenshot from Weibo)

There is also a notice from the unit that the spirit of vaccination will be continuously publicized, requiring that the vaccine be given to “all” and that employees be replaced if they do not receive the vaccine.

(Screenshot of microblogging)

Education system personnel said that vaccination has become a political task. (Screenshot of microblog)

According to media reports, Guangzhou City recently launched a mass population vaccination for vaccines, with a total of 296 vaccination units currently set up in the city.

Eggs, cash rewarded for meeting targets

In order to fulfill the political task, many places have adopted incentives, with eggs being the most common, in addition to cash incentives of 100 and 200 yuan in some areas; some communities in Beijing offer tickets to Yonghe Palace for vaccination, rewarding vacations and linking them to assessments.

Zhu Xuedong, a mainland media figure, left a message on his Weibo account: “I just received a notice from a street office to receive eggs for vaccination. The notice starts with ‘warm tips’, but the text is in a commanding tone, and the commanding tone is not to be denied. I am not good at languages, but also know.”

Netizen “orange orange-” posted: “unit mandatory vaccination, said there are indicators to complete, vaccination more than a day off, but also pay, and assessment linked …… into a political task! “

There is also DaoBiDao23333 message: “In order to get everyone to play the vaccine …… and send money and eggs also cooperate with supermarkets to provide full cash discount ……”

Recruiting vaccination staff, subsidies 100 yuan the same day settlement. (Weibo)

Free vaccination, special bus transportation, free Yonghegong tickets. (Weibo)

Reward eggs. (Microblog)

A villager in a certain place is rewarded 100 yuan for vaccination. (Weibo)

Reward ten pounds of eggs, glass of water, redemption coupons, etc. (Weibo)

Reward for eggs. (Weibo)

“Brainwashing” propaganda

At the same Time, various slogans are hanging in the streets and even hospitals in many provinces urging people to get vaccinated, such as “Vaccination is the first of millions of roads for epidemic prevention,” “Vaccination is the top priority in 2021,” and “Those who don’t get vaccinated will lose out. Those who are not vaccinated will suffer,” and so on.

Brainwashing slogans reappear. (Weibo)

Mainland media are reporting that the slogan for the vaccination campaign in Shenzhen is “Let’s vaccinate together, let’s vaccinate together, let’s vaccinate together”, which is called “learning from the cat”. Even a CCTV hostess took the lead, calling on people to get vaccinated.

(Screenshot from Weibo)

Safety doubts, public willingness to vaccinate lower than expected

According to the latest announcement by the Chinese Communist Party‘s official media, 100 million people have been vaccinated. However, many people have expressed doubts about the safety of domestic vaccines, resulting in the rate of vaccination with domestic vaccines not being as fast as authorities expected.

Wu Zunyou, chief scientist at the CDC, explained in a public forum last week that the low number of vaccinations in China is due to the large population base. He acknowledged that the mainland population has doubts about domestic vaccines.

Earlier, Peruvian media reported that the effectiveness rate of the Phase III clinical trial of the mainland’s national vaccine was only 11.5%. Data released earlier in Brazil showed that the overall effectiveness rate of the Kexing vaccine was 50.4%.

So far, at least 11 people have died in Hong Kong after being injected with the Coxin vaccine, and the specific cause is still under investigation. The Apple Daily reported on the 30th that an elderly woman died at Home the day after taking the Coxin vaccine, but after the forensic and medical doctors judged that there was no direct relationship with the vaccine, the department did not report to the expert committee and made the incident public, which is obviously different from the previous 13 cases of death. In the mainland, where the number of deaths is much larger, there have never been any cases of death.

Ms. Shen from Yangpu District in Shanghai also told the Epoch Times that she herself would not take the vaccine, “because the quality of the domestic vaccine is not assured, and it is not clear what kind of side effects there are, and the imported vaccine is not our turn to take. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

There are also mainland netizens posting questions, “Vaccination are damned into a political task …… who dares to be responsible for whether it is safe after vaccination?”