Microblogs lick the mainland, Facebook love Taiwan, financial women by the land network out of the draft

In response to the recent outbreak of the Xinjiang cotton incident, Zhang said, “son to buy clothes on this wave. (Taken from Weibo)

Taiwanese woman surnamed Zhang in mainland China “Hua’an Fund” as the chief trainer, but the mainland netizens uncovered is a “two-faced”, usually using microblogging articles, a variety of praise for the good of the mainland; Facebook but criticized the mainland authorities to conceal the Communist Party virus Epidemic, and even ridicule The recent Xinjiang cotton incident, double-sided posting by the land network out of the draft. In this regard, Huaan Fund released a statement on the 30th, said it will be handled carefully and never condone.

Zhang went to work on the mainland for 12 years, claiming to have traveled to 425 large and small cities and attractions, and her microblogging postings, but also from Time to time to show love for the mainland, praising everything on the mainland, for her is a kind of learning; however, her Facebook post is another world, for the Communist Party of China virus epidemic, Zhang said bitterly, “the usual power and blessings, moving to say to kill people to step on people, stay on the island Not only did she angrily criticize the mainland authorities for hiding the number of deaths, but also ridiculed the mainland people for believing that the virus came from Europe and the United States.

In response to the recent Xinjiang cotton incident, Zhang said, “In addition to China H&M, there is no big price drop? My 3 sons’ clothes and shoes budget is waiting for this wave”, was interpreted as ridiculing the event. In addition, Zhang female more in self-deprecation is the “heavenly” minion, in the mainland never say they come from Taiwan, but to “my ancestral hometown of Zhangzhou” to introduce themselves, back to Taiwan to generously say “I am Chiayi people “, and Zhang also from time to time PO out of Taiwan’s street photos, Food photos, etc., wrote “I still stay in Taiwan good”.

The woman’s Weibo post shouted her love for the motherland and called out that the dress up became virtuous. (Taken from Weibo)

The “double-sided posting” of the woman was unearthed and met with an outpouring of criticism from mainland netizens, “It’s been 12 years, and only after netizens picked it up do you know” “Please go back to Taiwan immediately.” “The company is still unable to change the nature of her Taiwan independence after 12 years. As the controversy intensifies, the Hua An Fund, where Zhang worked, has also been uncovered, and the current chief investment officer and vice president is also a Taiwanese, making netizens question why Zhang was able to serve in the company, perhaps through nepotism.

The company has also posted an article on Facebook, sarcastically calling the mainland the “Heavenly Kingdom” and hiding the epidemic from the people. (Taken from Weibo)

In response, Hua An Fund issued a statement today, in response to the rumors of our employees posting inappropriate comments on overseas social media platforms, saying that there is zero tolerance for any behavior and comments that undermine national interests and national feelings. We will not tolerate it.

The woman, who works on the mainland, is now being rounded up by mainland netizens for her “double-sided posting”.

In addition, the self-proclaimed “nemesis of Taiwan independence” artist Huang An also expressed his opinion on Weibo, angrily choking Zhang’s daughter “go back, no human rights, no freedom, and the powerful mainland is not suitable for you”, and Huang An also did not forget to remind his compatriots. “The Chinese government has also been trying to help the people of China to be more aware of the fact that Taiwan’s independence is on your side.

Hua An Foundation issued a statement, saying it was extremely shocked by Zhang’s female remarks and would deal with the matter seriously. (Taken from Weibo)