Chinese Communist Party launches “eye in the sky” to search for aliens, despite repeated warnings by Stephen Hawking before his death

Ignoring warnings, the Chinese Communist Party has announced that it will open the “Eye in the Sky” to the world from March 31.

During his lifetime, the famous British physicist Stephen Hawking repeatedly warned against contact with aliens. When the Chinese Communist Party was building the “China Eye” radio telescope in Guizhou, Hawking warned that the project was too risky. But the Chinese Communist Party ignored the warnings and announced that it would open the Eye to the world from March 31.

According to CCTV news, the 500-meter spherical radio telescope FAST, the “Chinese eye”, will be officially opened to the world from March 31 at 00:00, calling for applications from scientists worldwide. The call is for free applications for project observation, and it is expected that about 10% of the observation Time will be allocated to foreign scientists, or about 450 hours.

The “China Eye” is a 500-meter spherical radio telescope with an aperture the size of 30 soccer fields, which took 22 years from planning to completion and was inaugurated on September 25, 2016 in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province.

In 2018, the back-end equipment dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial civilizations was installed and commissioned. It functions as a sieve, eliminating celestial and artificial signals from the electromagnetic signals collected by the “China Sky Eye” from the vast universe, and filtering out useful narrow-frequency candidates.

In December 2018, the Chinese Communist Party media said that the 500-meter spherical radio telescope of the Chinese Eye will start searching for aliens in 2019.

Zhu Boqin, chief engineer of the FAST project site and observation base system, said that the three main goals of the Chinese Eye are pulsar, interstellar navigation and neutral hydrogen, and after the acceptance of the FAST project, the goal of the FAST is to launch a search for aliens throughout the universe.

Zhu Boqin said the search for aliens should first be carried out around the Milky Way galaxy, where there are many planets like Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and other Earth-like planets, and these planetary environments may be able to nurture Life, and aliens may live on a planet around the solar system.

At the end of 2020, official media said that as of mid-September, the “Chinese Eye in the Sky” had discovered 224 pulsars, more than 100 of which have been confirmed as newly discovered pulsars, and captured for the first time a mysterious radio signal about 3 billion light-years away from Earth – The first time a mysterious radio signal about 3 billion light-years away from Earth has been captured – a fast radio burst with multiple repeated bursts.

“With such a large scale of instrumentation searching for aliens, the British theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking, who during his lifetime warned humans not to contact aliens and that attempts to do so were “a little too risky” and could lead to A disaster.

During the construction of the “China Eye” radio telescope in Guizhou, Hawking warned the Chinese Communist Party to stop the project, saying that such a massive “eye” would make it easier for the Earth to be discovered by extraterrestrials, and that if extraterrestrials reached Earth, it could be a disaster for humanity. A disaster.

After the first suspicious cosmic signal was detected by the “China Eye” radio telescope, Stephen Hawking was informed and warned again: “Don’t answer! Don’t answer! Don’t answer!”. .

Since then, Chinese scientists have announced that they have discovered a layered structure of the sun that could be used as a radio wave amplifier to send human signals out into the universe, and Hawking has issued another warning that has never been addressed by the Chinese.

Hawking has also told the media that it is almost certain that extraterrestrial life exists, that the search for aliens could bring evil results for humanity, that extraterrestrial life is not necessarily friendly to humans, and that the only purpose of extraterrestrial life in contact with humans could be to plunder Earth’s resources.

Hawking said that once the Earth’s location is completely exposed, it is feared that it will bring about a catastrophe that may trigger aliens to really find the door and take some kind of action against human beings, “I think the result will probably be like what happened to Columbus when he first set foot in America, and we (humans) will end up no better than the current Native Americans.”