Texans sue Congress to resolve border crisis from new elections

Returning to the focus on the U.S. southern border crisis. Recently, Texas residents plan to sue Congress for a new general election, while hoping for a court injunction to suspend the Biden administration’s border executive order and ease the border crisis.

On Monday, Latino and African-American organizations in Texas, launched a legal action against Congress to demand a new general election.

Texas attorney Paul Davis: “We are a civil rights lawsuit. We’re not seeking to change the winner of the general election, we’re asking for a new election. No other lawsuit has done that.”

The lawsuit also asks the court, to temporarily enjoin Biden’s border executive order and ease the border crisis.

Texas attorney Paul Davis: “We want to defeat these two major parties, the corrupt establishment of both parties. We’re also seeking an injunction, and we’re asking the court, before judgment, for a restraining order against Congress and Biden, against them for changing our (border) laws without constitutional authority.”

The lawsuit includes House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Facebook founder and Chief Executive Officer Zuckerberg.

Attorneys representing the lawsuit say there is a growing number of people joining the lawsuit, and they plan to travel to Washington to launch a lawsuit against Congress.

Texas border residents, who accuse the Biden Administration of failing to address the border crisis, are instead prompting more illegal immigrants to enter the country.

“Jen Loh, president of Texas United for America: “This river is a matter of national security, this is our national border.”

Texas resident Laredo: “All these people are coming in, including children. We don’t know if they’re carrying the virus. How is this going to affect our city? When are we going to be able to lift (the curfew)? When will our children be able to go back to school? Can all employment be fully open?”

In early March, Texas Governor Abbott, had mobilized the National Guard to the border to keep human trafficking organizations and drug cartels out of the border.