Nike Files Lawsuit Over “Satanic Shoes” Containing Human Blood

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On Monday (March 29), a Nike sneaker called “Satan Shoes” was launched online and became a hot topic of discussion. Nike, the famous sporting goods manufacturer, sued a New York company on the same day, alleging that the company’s new shoe, which reportedly contains a drop of human blood, infringes on its trademark rights.

In its lawsuit, Nike states that the black and red “Satanic Shoes” from the New York-based “MSCHF Product Studio Inc” infringe and dilute Nike’s trademark.

Reuters reported that according to the website, the “Satanic shoes” are a custom adaptation of the “Nike Air Max97” with a red paint heel and “a drop of human blood”. The “Satanic Shoes” are a custom adaptation of the “Nike Air Max97” with red paint and “a drop of human blood” on the heel.

One of the shoes is marked with “MSCHF” on the back, while the other one says “Lil Nas X” on the back. This is a reference to the “Satanic Shoes” endorser, “Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X.

Media outlets reported that the shoes were sold out in less than a minute on the website on Monday. Each pair of shoes has a serial number on it.

Nas tweeted that he would pick a hardcore fan from social media to be the owner of the 666th pair of shoes.

In a lawsuit filed in New York federal court, Nike said that the production of the shoes was not “approved and authorized by Nike” and that Nike “had nothing to do with the project”.

Nike further noted in the complaint that the launch of the “human blood” shoes had caused confusion. “Some people mistakenly believe that Nike has authorized or approved the production of this product and are therefore calling for a boycott of Nike.”

Nike therefore asked the court to immediately stop MSCHF from delivering the order for the shoes, and requested a jury trial to seek damages from the other side.