BLM and “Down with the American Empire” signs were seen at the New York anti-hate march against Asians

Last weekend, there were anti-Asian hate rallies and marches in several cities in the United States. However, there are too many questions about the reasons for the protests, the slogans and purposes of the rallies, and the organizers and participants.

A Fuzhou resident of the “April 4 Asian Rights Demonstration Group” saw the organizing committee send out a poster for the demonstration, which did not have an American flag, but a “black fist of BLM” on it. This person immediately raised doubts, suspecting that the leftists were using this movement to “carry private goods”, and he urged Chinese people in the WeChat group to “look carefully, don’t be led into the ditch”.

Poster for the April 4 demonstration in defense of Asian rights. (WeChat screenshot)

Defend China & North Korea” slogan at the march

On the afternoon of March 27, Stop AAPI Hate held a protest rally in front of Flushing Library with a lot of placards.

Many people were protesting hate crimes and holding “Stop Asian Hate” signs, which is normal. But some of the slogans on the signs were surprising, such as “Defend China & North Korea against U.S. imperialism” (signed by internationalist groups), “Workers (of all colors) unite against police terror & racial attacks,” and “Build a revolutionary workers’ party. “Build a revolutionary workers’ party”, “Crush the U.S. imperialist war with a socialist revolution”, and also the sign “Black lives matter”.

At an anti-discrimination march in front of the Flushing Library on the afternoon of March 27, some of the placards were surprising, such as the English sign on the right that read, “Defend China & North Korea against U.S. imperialism.”

“Stop AAPI Hate” is sponsored by the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON), the Chinese Association for the Advancement of Affirmative Action (CAA) and the Asian American Studies Institute at San Francisco State University (AAS). The Chinese Association for the Advancement of Affirmative Action (CAA), which has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, has publicly supported the California Affirmative Action (ACA5) bill, arguing that it “gives each ethnic group a fixed quota to achieve true affirmative action.

Controversial April 4 march posters

“On the night of March 26, the poster was released to the WeChat group, and its black fist logo resembling the black rights movement immediately stirred up a thousand waves.

Ling Fei reminded other netizens in a WeChat message that the “black fist” represented a special meaning on a political level. (Screenshot of WeChat)

The “horn-blowing Ling Fei” immediately posted, “Please don’t join the 4/4 anti-hate march until the ACA clarifies the BLM issue” (, and he was soon kicked out of the group by the group owner.

But Ling Fei, who believes that “right is right and wrong is wrong,” went on to post, “To support or not to support BLM, this is a matter of right and wrong! Talking about the 4/4 march again”. He said in a telephone interview yesterday that he only wanted to ask the organizing committee a “we do not support the BLM, is it difficult?”

Ling Fei told reporters that in 2020 the Democratic Party promoted the “Black Lives are Lives” identity politics protest movement to harvest black votes, but the smash-and-grab riots that occurred offended Asian voters. The 2021 municipal elections are expected to be much hotter than previous years.

Ling Fei said the implicit “systematic discrimination” against Asians in the United States, especially on issues such as school enrollment, has left many Chinese with a fire in their bellies, but the mainstream media has not reported on it, “The mainstream media ignores the existence of such discrimination because it has no value. In turn, they use Asians as tool people in order to continue the ‘anti-Trump‘. Anti-Trump, while harvesting the Chinese vote, for two purposes. Just like they hyped the case of Floyd.”

“Even Whitehouse jumped in and said he wants to be anti-discrimination against Asians. Isn’t that funny? Because he’s the same one pushing a leftist political agenda that hurts Chinese interests. But it’s easy for Chinese people to be fooled by something as noble as ‘anti-Asian hate’ all at once.” Ling Fei said.

How can Asian rights be fought for? Ling Fei said he agrees with Asians standing up and speaking out and voting for candidates based on ideas, “but you have to come out with a clear picture of who is organizing and what is the attitude of the organizers? Right now it’s under the guise of anti-Asian hate, and people of all colors are jumping out and selling their personal stuff. To be truly anti-Asian hate, I think we should support the police, restore law and order, and recognize the contributions of Asian Americans in history, rather than portraying blacks as the benefactors of the Chinese, as is now being taught in schools.”

“What Asians want, is a larger level of advocacy and voice, not this kind of voice under the command of the Democratic Party. This kind of vocalization is called seeking skin with a tiger.”

Ling Fei said, Asians are not to fight for privileges, and there is no possibility of cooperation with the Black Lives Matter (BLM), the benefits of the black rights movement, and ultimately only a few people to obtain, while the bottom of the black is increasingly degraded, which is a wakeup call for all.

The American flag has become a “litmus test”

Ling Fei’s words made the WeChat group explode, with people advising him, accusing him, supporting him, posting screenshots of others calling him names, and warning him that “you’ll pay the price. Ling Fei said he saw the words and got angry: “The key is who should pay the price? You’re making the Chinese community pay for what you’re doing, you’re setting them up for injustice!”

Ling Fei advised the organizers, “If you simply want to defend the rights of Asians, well at least you put up the American flag, this thing you will not go crooked, show that you are first of all an American, then you are fighting for the rights of Asian Americans.”

But the American left does not raise the American flag, does not shout USA, does not say “God bless America”. At the BLM demonstration, there were even BLM supporters who burned the American flag.

The poster design for the April 4th Asian rights protest was whether to have a US flag or a black fist. It was a litmus test for the organizers.