Chinese people really want to eat grass? Li Keqiang: chew the grass to do great things

Li Keqiang said during his visit to Nanjing University: Chew the grass and do great things. (Photo source: video screenshot)

On March 26, Li Keqiang visited Nanjing University. When revisiting the motto of Nanjing University, Li Keqiang said: chew the grass roots, do great things. Netizens chortled: Are Chinese people really going to eat grass? Other netizens said: let you eat grass roots, they eat wormwood. Your big event is a dream that will never come true; their big event is for you to keep dreaming.

According to official media reports, on the morning of March 26, Li Keqiang came to Nanjing University Xianlin Campus to visit. Li Keqiang encouraged the students that you should remember the motto of Nanjing University “sincerity, simplicity and majesty”, to dive into learning, down-to-earth, from the near and small, to achieve ambitious aspirations in the future, for the benefit of society and the country.

The video posted by netizens shows Li Keqiang accompanied by officials pouring Nanjing University to visit. Many students surrounded Li Keqiang and other officials in the middle, Li Keqiang said: “sincerity and simplicity” when revisiting the motto of Nanjing University, the following students immediately followed and said: “majestic, inspirational learning and dunxing”. Li Keqiang also said: “Do you know the following phrase? Chew the grass”, the students followed up by saying: “Do great things”.