Net explosion in Huaibei City, Anhui Province, 8-year-old boy’s throat was slit in front of the police

Anhui man cries: his son was killed by someone slitting his throat in front of the police (Photo source: video screenshot)

Netizens broke the news that on March 28, a man named Zhao Hui cried in front of the Canal Police Station in Lishan District, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, saying that his son was killed by someone who slit his throat in front of the police, and that the child’s body was also snatched by the police. There is no official report on the case. According to Zhao Hui, his attempts to release a video of the truth were blocked by officials. Netizens also reported that the truth information posted was officially blocked.

The video posted by netizens shows three men and a woman complaining about their grievances in front of the Canal police station on March 28. One of the men crying is named Zhao Hui, the older pair may be the child’s grandfather and grandmother, another man may be the child’s uncle. Zhao Hui cried in the video: his son was killed in front of the police with a knife to cut his throat. He said that after he called the police, 2 police officers arrived at the scene, but right in front of the police, his son was killed. He also said that the child is currently lying over there, detained by the police, and they can’t even take the child’s body back Home if they want to. And the police want to drag the child directly to the crematorium for cremation.

Zhao Hui appealed in the video, requesting netizens to post in their respective groups, forwarding the truth video, expecting the leaders to see the truth and justice.

Probably because of excessive grief and anger, Zhao Hui, who has been crying for a long Time, has become unstable and had to lean on a small car. He also said that he is now unable to bring his children home, and his wife can not stand the stimulation has gone crazy.

The following information was released by Zhao Hui.

Comments from netizens.

“I was kicked out of a Christian group on WeChat for forwarding this stuff.”

“To add, Chinese people, everyone must be equipped with the same law enforcement recorder as the police to do so. Otherwise there is really no place to cry when something happens.”

“If there is video evidence of being cut throat, it would be better. Because the more evidence you have, the better to show solidarity with more people to help you forward the matter.”

“Whose throat was cut in the end? Figure it out.”

“For what matter to engage the child?”

“It should be in the case of two law enforcement officers on the scene ~”

“Go cut the chief or the director. It’s best to cut the mayor.”

“Once you embraced the Communist Party, enthusiastically and willingly as a flag guard, coldly and insanely abused the right view …… Now demolition, beatings, slaughter, looting and other misfortunes befall your head. Ask who else is willing to speak up for you? This is a personal choice under the self-burden. In short, there are two words: retribution!”

“Only crying? What kind of bullshit man, to make those who hurt you afraid to fear you.”

“If you have a grievance, you should return the grievance, if you have a grudge, you should return the grudge.”

“The child is dead and ‘leader’ and ‘do-gooder’, but also send friends, say he is a purebred fool is not too much, right? Mom is still excusable like this, he is an old man ah.”