Boycott of foreign goods in the Li Keqiang inspection of foreign enterprises experts reveal Zhongnanhai hidden feelings

Li Keqiang visited the Sino-German BASF chemical plant on March 26, and the official media was silent. (Weibo photo)

Recently, the Communist Party of China has launched a boycott campaign against foreign goods due to the Xinjiang cotton incident. At this sensitive moment, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Jiangsu Province and visited foreign companies related to the boycotted international brands, and Li was even silenced by the party media.

Some experts believe that the Chinese Communist Party is playing the nationalist card by boycotting foreign goods, while at the same Time maintaining ties with the Western market for the sake of profit, and there are two voices within the Party, but Li’s actions are not beyond Xi Jinping‘s strategy. Some mainland dissidents believe that the CCP has played a bad game in stirring up nationalist sentiment, and do not rule out the possibility that anti-Xi forces within the CCP are “senior black” Xi, while Li represents the voice of the pragmatic faction within the system, and the probability is that Xi will fall for it and keep “accelerating” it, making the situation more and more unmanageable. It is likely that Xi will fall for it and keep “accelerating” it, making the situation more and more uncontrollable.

The Communist Party’s boycott of foreign goods is a bad idea

Mr. Li, a political dissident in the mainland system, told the Epoch Times that at first, the Communist Youth League’s microblog took H&M to the public, presumably to intimidate other foreign brands from rejecting forced labor products in Xinjiang, but later some pinkos followed the trail and picked up Nike, Adidas and even Coca-Cola’s statements involving Xinjiang.

“This is tantamount to making the CCP’s international conflicts public in China, further forcing those foreign brands with business in China to stand in line, accelerating the decoupling of China and foreign countries, and making the controversy related to forced labor in Xinjiang known to more people, which is actually detrimental to the CCP itself. I think this time the CCP is playing badly with nationalist sentiment.” Mr. Li said.

He further analyzed that if the CCP does not control this wave of nationalism, there may be something like the anti-Japanese march against Japanese cars, and the physical stores of Nike, Adidas and other foreign brands may be smashed, which will have a bad international impact. But if the Chinese Communist Party wants to suppress this wave, it will cause some “pink” discontent, and now the Chinese Communist Party is in a dilemma on this issue.

Two voices emerge from the official media and top echelons of the CCP

Recently, Li Keqiang visited Jiangsu Province, which has many foreign enterprises, and even went to the Sino-German chemical joint venture “BASF” in Nanjing on March 26, which is a joint venture factory providing raw materials for Nike and Adidas. Li Keqiang’s move and the attitude of the Party media have drawn the attention of the outside world, and have discussed what kind of tricks the CPC is playing.

Mr. Li said that the first thing to figure out the “Xinjiang cotton storm” in order to understand the intentions of Zhongnanhai.

He said: “In fact, this time the so-called ‘Xinjiang cotton storm’ is very strange in itself, because it is not because of the recent major international clothing and footwear brands began to reject the production of forced labor in Xinjiang cotton appeared, but the United States and Europe sanctioned the Chinese Communist Party officials involved in human rights persecution in Xinjiang, the Communist Youth League Central Committee The storm was caused by taking H&M’s statement of rejecting Xinjiang cotton issued almost a year ago.”

He further said, “And before this party media “Global Times” editor-in-chief Hu Xijin just said the hope that the controversy in the field of human rights does not spill over into the economic and trade such words, as if to protect the Sino-European trade agreement to put the wind in the sails, which is a big name.”

He believes that this Xinjiang cotton derived from the “boycott of foreign goods storm” after the outbreak, “on the one hand, there are two voices in the party media, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, CCTV and so on for this made a lot of reports, but also a focus interview, obviously in the fire; while the Global Times issued an article warning that the boycott of foreign goods This is also a continuation of Hu Xijin’s previous idea of not extending the dispute in human rights to the economic and trade field.”

“On the other hand, there are two kinds of gestures by top Chinese Communist Party officials, one is that Hua Chunying and other war-wolf diplomats from the Foreign Ministry are rushing to the front to harden the Western companies, and the other is that Li Keqiang inspected the Chinese-foreign joint ventures in Jiangsu that supply Nike and Adi to give them a boost.”

Li Keqiang’s Jiangsu inspection was once silenced by the party media, anti-Xi forces “senior black” Xi

Mr. Li believes that it is worth noting that Li Keqiang’s visit in Jiangsu was not reported by the party media at first, but only by the State Council’s Chinese government website, but the report did not involve Li Keqiang’s visit to the joint venture that supplies Nike and Adi, but was uploaded by netizens on Weibo. Later, CCTV reported Li Keqiang’s trip to Jiangsu in the news broadcast, and also mentioned the visit to the enterprise, which reflects that there is some kind of line struggle at the top of the Communist Party.

Some outside analysts believe that Li Keqiang is singing the white face in this storm, while the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Ministry system is singing the red face.

In response, Li said, “If I were to say red and white faces, I don’t think it’s the CCP as a whole that’s doing it, but rather it’s the anti-Xi forces such as Jiang’s faction that are doing it on this incident, while Li Keqiang’s group is really hoping to cool things down, and Xi Jinping is in a state of being lulled into aggravating the situation.”

He added that there are also interpretations online that the incident was self-directed by the regiment faction, a claim based on the fact that it was the Communist Youth League Central Weibo that provoked the incident and Li Keqiang who appeased the foreign companies.

He further analyzed, “This argument obviously does not realize that the current Communist Youth League system and we often say that the group of people is actually not a group of people, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League microblogging account is a group of college three (note) students in operation, those people can not be considered the leadership of the Communist Youth League, but rather tighter relationship with the propaganda system. “

He stressed that “another noteworthy point is why Hu Xijin, a person who used to incite nationalist sentiment and close to the influence of the Jiang faction of the propaganda system also began to come out to cool down the incident, even before the outbreak of the incident said the human rights dispute should not spill over to the economic and trade field, the results of the prophecy, the human rights dispute really extended to the economic and trade The result is a prophecy, human rights disputes really extended to economic and trade.”

“This incident is likely to be a deliberate attempt by the Jiang faction forces in the CCP’s propaganda system to stir up conflicts and blacken Xi Jinping at a high level, and then have their own people come out and say soft things to make it look like the Xi administration is very bad, while Li Keqiang represents the voices of the pragmatic faction in the system, but I guess according to Xi Jinping’s character, he will probably fall for it and keep ‘speeding up’ the situation. ‘ and make things more and more unmanageable.”

The Chinese Communist Party cannot afford to leave the Western market and boycott foreign goods at the same time.

According to Professor Feng Chongyi, a China expert at the University of Technology Sydney, there are certainly dissenting views within the Communist Party, but Li’s approach itself does not go beyond Xi Jinping’s strategy. “Li Keqiang is relatively moderate, and he reflects the CCP regime’s high dependence on Western markets, which it cannot do without. If it continues to go on to a real decoupling, then the CCP is also going to the end of the road. This itself the Chinese Communist Party has this need.”

He said, “On the other hand, War Wolf diplomacy is also its need, it wants to ensure Xi Jinping and the Communist Party to keep the Communist regime, it relies on the ideological support of nationalism, it wants to show in front of the people of the world, facing the world’s danger, risk, aggression or hegemony, only Xi Jinping, the CCP is bold enough to have the strength to resist the Western hegemony, this is its greatest political need. Politics is more than the CCP economically dependent on still more needs.”

He further analyzed that the CCP brainwashing Education to cultivate a large number of war wolves, fifty cents equivalent to the same group as the Boxer Rebellion back then, so it is to use both sides, “on the one hand, let Li Keqiang out, for those who still want to do business with the Chinese market, it wants to maintain contact and draw closer to these relations, including these manufacturers, which is in the interests of the CCP regime.”

“At the same time it wants to cut the leeks, it wants to get the support of these ignorant, foolish people, and it wants to sing the high tune of imperial hegemony, it does both.”

As for the Chinese Communist Party, which has already encountered a new level of “four-sided chorus” internationally, Feng Chongyi believes this is determined by the nature of the Chinese Communist regime, which is divided into totalitarian and post-totalitarian, and here lies the difference. “The totalitarian era, the Mao era is a pole to the end, it is the overall resistance to imperialism; post-totalitarian era, it is in the international community to engage in market economy, to make money, they have a lot of blood vessels are inserted into the West, international economies.”

He stressed, “If the CCP is protesting and resisting comprehensively, the blood vessels will be cut off, it will not get the benefits, and the function of blood transfusion in the international community will be lost. The Chinese Communist Party is both greedy and cruel, relying on bad Western businessmen to give it blood transfusions for foreign exchange.”

(Note: College three, college is a specialized college; three is the third batch of admissions to undergraduate university institutions, higher fees, lower admissions scores.)