Taiwan’s Lieutenant General Wang Jingguo was captured, refused to surrender to the Chinese Communist Party and died in the line of duty.

The Republic of China National Army loyal martyrs, the late Lieutenant General Wang Jingguo, the 11th Division of the Army of the National Revolutionary Army and the Qingdao General Security Corps, were enshrined. (Courtesy of Military News Agency)

According to the military news agency, the ceremony was officiated by Commander Chen in the morning of March 26, with representatives of the martyr’s Family and army officers and soldiers joining the ceremony. After the officiating, accompanying, and joining the ceremony, Commander Chen offered incense and flowers to the martyr’s memorial.

General Chen Bao-yu, commander of the Army of the Republic of China, pays tribute to the surviving family of the martyrs. (Courtesy of Military News Agency)

Lieutenant General Wang Jingguo (1893-1952) was born on July 18, 1892, in the first 19 years of the Republic of China, and was originally from Wutai County, Shanxi Province. During his military career, he served as the commander of the 10th Army Group and other important positions, and participated in many battles such as the Northern Expedition, rebellion, and anti-Japanese resistance, etc. He was awarded many medals such as the Second Class Order of Baoding for his war service.

General Chen Baoyu, commander of the Army of the Republic of China, presides over the ceremony to induct the spirits of the Army’s loyal and martyred soldiers. (Courtesy of Military News Agency)

In 1949, Wang Jingguo fought hard to defend Taiyuan and resisted the communist army, but was finally defeated and captured by the communist army without any help. After Major General Zhao Zhongrong and Major General Kang Faru, who were inducted in 2018, and Lieutenant General Wen Qiliang, Major General Li Minyi, and Major General Li Qiming, who were inducted in 2019, this is the sixth general who was captured and sacrificed to the Loyalty Ancestral Hall during President Tsai Ing-wen’s term.

General Chen Baoyu, commander of the Army of the Republic of China, offers incense and flowers to the martyr’s memorial. (Courtesy of Military News Agency)

The 11th Division of the Army was formed in August 1928, and was stationed in the area of Anhui, Zhejiang and western Zhejiang. 1,007 officers and men of the 11th Division died heroically to ensure the foundation of victory in the war against Japan later.

The Qingdao Security Brigade was formed in 1938, formerly known as the “Third Brigade directly under the Second Headquarters of the 26th Detachment of the Fifth War Zone Guerrilla Command of the National Army”, and was reorganized as the “Qingdao Security Brigade” in March of 1943.

During the period from 1943 to 1945, Qingdao Security Brigade fought 80 battles with The Japanese and pseudo-army in Qingdao, Jimo and Laiyang, killing more than 370 and capturing 483 of the enemy. The foundation of the victory against the Japanese.

After the ceremony, the martyrs’ memorials were carried by the army honor guard, and the martyrs’ families were moved to the Martyrs’ Ancestral Hall to enjoy their memorials forever.