New Ontario study: New crown variant virus increases risk of death by 60%

The CBC reports that a team of Ontario experts prepared the study for the Ontario government, which will be released early next week.

Risk of hospitalization and death increases 60 per cent

Experts on the medical advisory panel analyzed hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 in Ontario from December of last year to March of this year.

They found that the new crown mutant virus increased patients’

A 60 percent increased risk of hospitalization

100 percent increased risk of admission to the intensive care unit

60 percent increased risk of death

This study did not distinguish between the different types of Variant viruses, but B.1.1.7 (the variant from the United Kingdom) is the most common variant currently in Ontario.

Currently, the majority of mutant virus infections in Ontario are with the British variant

Dr. Kali Barrett, an emergency physician and researcher at the University health Network (UHN) in Toronto, said international data shows that variola increases the risk for patients regardless of their age or whether they already have some health problems.

Dr. Kali Barrett said.

Mutant viruses are undoubtedly more contagious, and if you are exposed to an environment where they are present, there is an increased risk of infection and an increased risk of hospitalization and death.

More than half of all new cases in Ontario are mutant viruses

The Ontario panel said that mutated viruses caused more than half of the confirmed cases in Ontario this January.

To date, nearly 16,700 suspected and confirmed cases of variola virus have been identified in Ontario, according to Ontario data.

Many doctors are concerned that the patients currently hospitalized in Ontario are sicker and younger than they were at the beginning of the outbreak.

Kali Barrett said.

The virus does not just affect the elderly; many patients are in their prime, so until everyone is vaccinated, people must remain cautious.

Vaccination coverage initiatives are accelerating across Canada

Canada’s new coronary mortality rate 2.4%

Health experts are calling on the government to tighten measures to curb the spread of the mutated virus.

Dr. Andrew Morris, an infectious disease specialist with Sinai Health System in Toronto, is concerned about the easing of restrictions in several areas of Ontario, including allowing an increase in the number of customers eating in restaurants.

Dr. Andrew Morris believes that people should be encouraged to eat outside on patios, saying.

Of course, it’s hard to keep people in their homes all the Time, and perhaps it’s best to allow the public to spend as much time as possible outdoors (where the risk of transmission is lower).

Canada’s health experts urge restaurant dining to be done on outdoor patios as much as possible

Meanwhile, Ontario experts add that the mortality rate due to the new coronavirus remains low, and while the outbreak is not over and precise statistics cannot be made, the current mortality rate for new coronavirus in Canada is about 2.4 per cent.