Taiwan artists terminate the contract to support the Xinjiang “blood cotton” net red: almost be disgusted to death than cilantro is also evil

The persecution of religious and ethnic minorities by the Chinese Communist Party has drawn attention to the fact that H&M, NIKE, Adidas, UNIQLO and other well-known brands have indicated their refusal to use “Xinjiang cotton”, which involves forced labor, and has recently triggered a massive wave of boycotts in China. The newest addition to the list is the “retina”. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The company’s main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. (Photo/reproduced from the retina Facebook)

The H&M stop using Xinjiang products or raw materials, including cotton, the statement immediately triggered a backlash from Chinese netizens, along with many international brands Nike, adidas, Zara, Converse, Calvin Klein, etc. were “witch hunt”, many stars have also jumped out to announce Many celebrities have also jumped out and announced their termination of contracts.

Ouyang Nana and Converse Converse terminated their contracts, other Taiwanese artists’ studios also issued termination statements on Weibo one after another, Peng Yuyan and Zhang Junning terminated all cooperation with the adidas brand, Xu Guanghan also terminated cooperation with PUMA and Calvin Klein “We are firmly opposed to any statements and actions that stigmatize China “.

▲Peng Yu-an also shouted his support for Xinjiang cotton. (Photo/reproduced from Peng Yuyan studio microblog)

The company’s brand ambassador, Eason Chen, has also come out to support Xinjiang cotton and also to terminate cooperation with other artists, including Zhang Junning, Yi Yang Qianxi, Dili Hotba, Angelababy, Wang Jiaer and Deng Lun.

▲adidas brand ambassador Eason Chen announced the termination of cooperation. (Photo / provided by adidas)

The netizen “retina” 25 also bluntly said in Facebook: “almost disgusted by this wave of Xinjiang cotton termination wave, more evil than cilantro.” Many netizens also left a message saying: “on Xu Guanghan very disappointed …” The tide receded to know who did not wear pants”, “look forward to this year’s Chinese team apparel ~”, “RMB more fragrant”, “through into the international Big brand blacklist”, “tomorrow go to buy H&M to suppress the shock”.