60-year-old actor Winston Chiu had an accident! Left leg bone broken into 2 sections, 9 months of treatment still not healed

On March 26, 60-year-old actor Winston Chao was interviewed by the Taiwanese media. In addition to talking about his filming career, he also revealed that he had an accident and accidentally broke his left leg, which has not healed after nine months of treatment.

Before joining the industry, Winston Chao worked as a flight attendant, but on an occasional occasion, he was picked up by director Ang Lee and starred in the movie “The Wedding Banquet”, which became an instant hit.

With his handsome looks and elegant demeanor, Winston Chao has been in constant demand over the years. He said that he has hardly stopped since his debut at the age of 28. I also admire myself, every Time I finish a drama, I’m so tired that it seems like I’m dying.

This month, the TV series “The Palace of Song”, starring Zhou Yumin and Liu Tao, was officially broadcast. In the drama, Winston Zhao made a cameo appearance, with a small role, but bright enough to once again cause a lot of buzz among netizens.

The reason why Winston Zhao made a guest appearance in this drama is because he worked with director Li Shaohong 20 years ago on “The Palace of the Great Ming” and they have formed a friendship ever since.

The two of them have been friends ever since. The glamorous Winston Chiu is not doing too well outside of the movie. It turns out that he was injured, and in order to recover from his injury, he has not taken up a movie for a long time, and has not appeared in public for a long time.

According to Winston Chao himself, he returned to Taiwan early last year after being affected by force majeure and having been settled on the mainland. When he was watering flowers on a hillside, he accidentally stepped out of the way and broke his left leg bone into two pieces. So, he was admitted to the hospital for surgery under the arrangement of his doctor brother.

To his surprise, he was able to throw away his crutches 4 months after the surgery, but he did not fully recover. His left foot was nailed with steel but his muscles atrophied and his 2 legs became thick and thin, and now he still has to rely on gravity training to build up his muscles.

Winston Chiu also shared several photos of his hospitalization, only to see him in a hospital gown, lying weakly on a hospital bed. His beard is all white and wrinkles are evident, making him look very old.

One of his feet, wrapped tightly in gauze, was seen to be badly injured.

However, Winston Chiu did not feel sorry for himself, and he followed the doctor’s instructions and worked hard to do rehab. As a result of frequent gravity training, his upper body has become very fit and his arm muscles are very visible, which is a blessing in disguise.

It is reported that Winston Chao has now returned to the mainland. He has been single for many years without getting married and loves small animals, with five dogs and four cats at Home.

He admits that whenever his dog or cat is gone, he seems to be ruined. Especially his favorite “Mimi”, who died the day before New Year’s Eve, he cried very sadly and washed his face with tears every day.

He also said, “After sending these cats and dogs away, my responsibility is over. He stayed on the mainland and did not return to Taiwan to reunite with his Family because he was worried about these small animals.