Ironically, the Chinese Communist Party retaliatory boycott of foreign goods Du Wenze: I wear Nike I am proud

The Chinese Communist Party‘s official media has launched an overwhelming public opinion campaign to incite people to boycott Western brands such as H&M and Nike, forcing many endorsing stars to make high-profile statements lest they fail to urgently cut ties with the brands. In response, Hong Kong star Chapman To wrote in a Facebook photo of his shoes (click here), “I wear Nike I’m proud!”

As Western countries such as Europe and the United States have recently accused Xinjiang of poor human rights conditions and imposed sanctions on relevant Chinese Communist Party officials, prompting the never-remorseful Chinese Communist Party to rehash the “refusal to use Xinjiang cotton” statement issued by a number of brands such as H&M in Sweden and Nike in the United States more than six months ago as a countermeasure. Almost all the official media of the Communist Party of China went into action, setting off a “Boxer Rebellion” xenophobic boycott of foreign goods.

Under the overwhelming public outcry, at least 50 celebrities have so far announced the termination of their cooperation with various brands, including Eason Chan, Timothy Chen, Wang Jiaer, Pang Yu Yan, Xu Guanghan, Ouyang Nana, Zhang Junning and many others who have issued statements.

When many stars have issued statements due to the fear of losing the Chinese market, Hong Kong star Chapman To posted a succession of wild acidic posts on Facebook on March 25. He first used the size of the background picture to write: “Brand name revolution, said to do it! Finally, he again choked: “I see what sneakers you will wear in the future!”

The posting of Du Wenze was immediately pushed by 10,000 netizens.