35-year-old Miss Hong Kong winner gave birth to her second child by Caesarean section and married a 16-year-old feng shui master

According to the Hong Kong media, the winner of the Miss Hong Kong contest, Cynthia Liu, and her husband, Lee Seung-nam, officially announced the birth of their second daughter.

  It is reported that the second child was born by Caesarean section on a good day, the intention is to hope that the daughter is safe, and can grow up fast, listen to the teachings and obedience. The company has already named her “Li Shen Xi”.

  ”The newborn baby is wrapped in a blanket, smiling under the watchful eyes of her Family, and is sleeping peacefully with her eyes closed. The little girl’s M-shaped thin lips, nose bridge, eyes look not small, seems to have inherited the good genes of mother Liu Qianting.

  The family of four also showed a “hand-holding photo”, which looks extra warm.

  It is reported that the 35-year-old Liu Qianting, who participated in the 2009 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and beat a number of beautiful women, got the champion.

  The company has been in the business for two years and has been in two TV series before falling in love with a rich man, Li Cheng.

  In 2013, Liu Qianting and Li Chengbei officially got married, and the man spared no expense in setting up 50 tables at a high-class hotel to invite friends and relatives, including Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, Cecilia Chong and Cecilia Cheung’s mother.

  It is rumored that the entire wedding cost nearly 90 million Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to about 72 million yuan. As the groom’s official, Lee Seung Sahn insisted that it was worth spending more money to get a good wife.

  Li Cheng-Chou, who is 16 years older than Liu Qian-Ting, has been a geomancy scholar for three generations, along with his ancestors. He started his career as a feng shui master at the age of 19, and was involved in founding the feng shui magazines Xuanji Monthly and Legend Magazine. He is now a consultant for many listed companies, a Writer of metaphysical articles for many newspapers and magazines, and a radio and TV host.

  After marrying a daughter, Cynthia Liu quit the entertainment industry and became a wealthy wife, often traveling around in a private jet. Attending various celebrity parties.

  However, although Liu Qianting faded from the entertainment industry, but she and the circle of people still familiar, it is said that the singer concerned about the Yan, Wang Haoxin, TVB executives such as Lok Yi Ling and she has quite a friendship, she is pregnant with her second child, Yuen Wing Yee also visited her.

  She also used her fame and connections to help her husband, Lee Seung-jin, to develop his career, which has indeed risen to a new level, with his value soaring 16 times.