Vivian Zhou rarely appeared in the county to participate in commercial performances for gold was exposed to obvious aging

In the picture, Vivian Chow appeared in a small county business show wearing a floral dress, although the makeup is very delicate and temperament still exists, but the old age is obvious.

According to the netizen who posted the photo, in order to attract customers, although the business has done publicity many days in advance, but after Vivian Chow appeared, the response of the audience was not very enthusiastic, and even some young people do not know who Vivian Chow is.

In fact, it’s no wonder that few post-90s and post-00s now know Vivian Chow, because many young people were not yet born when she became popular.

It is understood that the 54-year-old Vivian Chow worked as a radio host when she was young, and after starring in her first movie “Three People’s World” became popular, she resolutely resigned from her job to develop in the entertainment industry. Later, she became popular because of her Film and Television works such as “Big Time” and “Ugin Blood Sword”.

Then, Vivian Chow began to act and sing, releasing Music albums such as “Winter Romance” and “Rumors” one after another. She was even called the “jade master” of the entertainment industry and became the dream girl of many boys when she became a big hit.

In 2009, as she grew older and her career declined, Vivian finally chose to marry fellow actor Ni Chen, ending their 19-year-long love affair. Although the two eventually tied the knot, Ni Zhen was exposed to many “mistakes” during the Marriage, so their relationship has been rumored to be splitting up.

In recent years, although Vivian Zhou returned to the entertainment industry, but apparently the popularity and visibility has been greatly reduced, and even exposed even to the previous “jade girl” name, but also can only receive some local small commercial performances.

I have to say, the entertainment industry is too fast to update, in the era of newcomers, the former “Jade Girl” has been slowly forgotten. In any case, I hope Vivian Chow, who is now more than half a century old, will be happy. Do you still remember those works of Vivian Chow? Welcome to follow the author and leave a comment with your opinion.