Liu Ye celebrated his birthday warm family photo exposure, Noi Neina grow taller obviously, a family dressed plain grounded

On March 26th, “Liu Nuo Yi support group” took a Family photo of Liu Ye’s 43-year-old birthday celebration, with the text “Life is simple, beautiful is also very simple”.

In the photo, Liu Ye, Anna with Noi Nina, the family of four dressed plainly, taking family photos without beauty.

Liu Ye is wearing glasses, wearing a blue shirt with a black cardigan, looks extra happy, Anna is standing beside him, checkered shirt with jeans, tied with a ponytail looks particularly plain, the two families holding a painting, the painting is a portrait of a person, it is not a gift from Noi Neina to his father?

The 10-year-old Noe stood next to his mother, blue striped underwear outside a shirt, back hands and clean-cut features Noe one grows more handsome.

The sister Neina stood beside her father, perhaps the angle of the shot, Neina looks about the same height as her brother, Neina high head is quite a little princess of high, not smiling cute.

The table in front of them is laid out with a variety of gourmet delicacies, meat and vegetables with a reasonable mix, there are glasses of red wine, Anna into the kitchen out of the hall, burned a good hand, Liu Ye face with a happy smile, the Home does not look like the opulence of the star family.

There is also a birthday blowing candles live photo, Liu Ye placed in front of the cake (looks like Anna did), turn off the lights quite an atmosphere, is sitting Liu Ye hands clenched fist, wishing on the candles.

Anna is standing on one side holding her sister, and No.1 is on the other side, the picture is warm and loving, and like ordinary happy families, simple and happy.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of your husband and confess your love for him.

The two families are real and low-key, and every Time they take a public family photo, they don’t need to use beauty, and they appear in a plain face, and their children are not dressed in the luxury of the second generation of stars, and they look like ordinary children.

The “Daddy Goes Where”, Liu Ye to Noe Neina dressing has sparked a lot of debate, obviously a mixed-race little handsome boy, dressed like a northeastern brown man, full of northeastern Han, Noe obsessed with “Journey to the West”, throwing hands and feet are full of simple wind.

Anna seems to never mind exposing her private life, before traveling with her children were caught by chance, the children’s dress was once again hotly debated, this where like star children ah, not at all packaged, even Anna herself do not wear makeup, netizens have praised her simple style.

Anna can French, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, etc., before working in the French Embassy in Beijing, now obsessed with drama performance, her excellent without too much amenity, but taught a low-key and real good children.

The two children are versatile, good at drawing and painting and riding and shooting, but also very well behaved, loved by netizens, Liu Ye’s birthday family photo warm and happy.