Zhang Xinzhe: the former prince of love songs, today 54 years old

22 years long love song road, the high tide always ebb day, how could he not know. Outside the crowd, Zhang Xinzhe is no longer young, nor will he grow old.

March 26, 2021, once the prince of love songs, Zhang Xinzhe, 54 years old. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The name “Prince of Love Songs”. In the past, he was always at the end of the crowd, deliberately keeping a certain distance from the circle. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

Zhang Xinzhe is not famous by chance.

In the summer of 1987, Zhang Xinzhe was studying at the English Department of Taipei Christian College, and he was often featured in the singing competitions held by the school.

In his sophomore year, he sang a song called “Understanding Heart” and wowed the audience.

At that Time, the judges sitting below were songwriters Ding Xiaowen and Zheng Huajuan, whose extremely delicate and cool voice, deep and intense, yet clear and transparent, was a rare sight.

No one would want to miss such a voice, so Zheng Huajuan immediately recommended the young Zhang Xinzhe to Rolling Stone Records.

That year, he was only 20 years old.

When Zhang Xinzhe walked downstairs to Rolling Stone Records, he was so nervous that his palms were sweating, and he was waiting for Li Zongsheng, who had personally created famous singers such as Chen Shuhua, Zhang Aijia, and Liang Jingru.

The first meeting that time was not as satisfactory, and Lee chose to refuse in the face of such a special voice.

The beginning of the story is always written with the unknown, as if this is the only way to have some flavor.

The story was born in a Family of four in Taiwan, his brother was his best childhood playmate, and his father was a pastor who began to seriously plan his son’s musical journey from a young age.

As a teenager, Chang learned to sing with his father in the church choir, and his father would devote two hours a day to playing the violin with him.

The hard days of practicing the violin became his unforgettable memory.

Childhood Shin-Chul Chang

Since childhood, Zhang Xinzhe, who had a great musical talent, had Qi Qin as his idol in his heart and imagined that one day he could make a career in the Music industry like he did.

In 1987, at the age of 20, he was recommended to Rolling Stone Records after winning a singing competition by chance, and he was very nervous about a failed audition.

Faced with all kinds of questions from his big brother Lee, Zhang Xinzhe gave a messy answer and later recalled the scene, he said.

“Kids in our era didn’t have much understanding of acting, they simply loved music and singing, unlike kids today, who know the industry well once they get into it.”

Fortunately, after further contact, Lee thought his voice was special and finally included him in Rolling Stone’s bag.

Zhang Xinzhe and Li Zongsheng

When he first arrived, Life was not easy. Zhang Xinzhe was young and ignorant, and did the job of a behind-the-scenes production assistant, doing mostly odd jobs in the company on weekdays, running errands for everyone to buy coffee and bento.

The music director at the time, Li Zongsheng, was keen on creating male singers with a masculine image, and the pillars of Rolling Stone at that time were singers like Zhao Chuan and Zhou Hua Jian.

In the face of the feminine voice of Zhang Xinzhe, Li Zongsheng heart is not bottom, dare not easily try.

Zhang Xinzhe has been waiting hard, so muddled through a year, looking to give up, when the opportunity came.

The music video for “From the beginning to now” by Zhang Xinzhe

In 1988, Rolling Stone’s first female singer, Pan Yueyun, had to record an album of duets with ten male singers, including Li Zongsheng, Luo Dayou, Zhao Chuan and Zhou Huajian ……

As a member of Rolling Stone, Zhang Xinzhe was also fortunate enough to walk into the studio for the first time and record his first song in his life, singing “You Are The One” with Pan Yueyun.

“It’s very satisfying to finally have a song of my own, or to sing with a female singer I really like.”

Pan Yueyun and Zhang Xinzhe

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Xinzhe’s father also sat in the recording studio and listened to his son’s recording from start to finish.

After the release of the song, the debutant received a notable response.

The year after he sang “You Are The One” with Pan Yueyun, Rolling Stone Records produced Zhang Xinzhe’s debut album “Lying”, the yellow shirt on the album cover, which he casually bought downstairs at the office, he never thought he would become a singer.

Cover of the 1989 album “Lie” by Zhang Xinzhe

Just after releasing the album, he left for his military service. Before he left, Zhang Xinzhe told his father, “They’re not sure about me, I shouldn’t be a hit, so I’ll forget about it after this one.”

What he hadn’t expected was that this small test run would be the first to show his strength.

Rolling Stone Records began to pay attention to this young singer, but the light of the times never stops for any one person.

In the three years of Zhang Xinzhe’s military service, the Chinese music scene has changed and things have changed.

Zhang Guorong and Alan Tam said goodbye to the music industry, then it was the era of the four kings, Jacky Cheung, Lai Ming, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok red through half of the sky.

From left to right: Jacky Cheung, Dawn, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok

In the following days, Zhang Xinzhe experienced the biggest low point in his life, after becoming popular due to two years of military service gradually forgotten by fans, he had the idea of quitting the singing world.

That sense of helplessness and uncertainty made him feel lonely, or also some embarrassment of not knowing how to live with himself. This huge gap, because of a song written by Li Zongsheng many years ago, took a turn.

In 1993, Zhang Xinzhe, who had lost confidence in himself, became an overnight sensation in the streets of China because of a song called “Love is like a tide”, which also started his long road of love songs.

“Since love is no regrets, more suffering I am willing to carry my love like the tide, love like the tide will push me towards you follow closely, love like the tide she will surround you and me”

In fact, initially Li Zongsheng wrote this song, has been pressed in the bottom of the box, ready to give this work to a man with a rugged voice, through the vicissitudes of life to sing.

At that time, there was not an accurate “mellow man” who could interpret this song.

Lee decided to take a chance, he chose to let the uninitiated Zhang Xinzhe to sing the tide of love, to give listeners a contrasting effect.

For Rolling Stone Records in the 1980s and 1990s, it took courage and guts to push Zhang Xinzhe as the “Prince of Love Songs”.

For Zhang Xinzhe himself, this is no longer a gamble with his ego, or even the last battle of the backwater.

Surprisingly, “love like a tide” album sales of more than five million, so that the lukewarm Zhang Xinzhe to their peak moment, and thus established his status in the Chinese music industry love songs prince.

That year, he was 26 years old.

Everything seemed to come a little too fast.

Later, Lee covered the piece he wrote and after singing it, he said, “Zhe will always be Prince Charming, his voice is clean and clear, and my version is the old dried onion version.”

Amidst the ensuing cheers, Zhang Xinzhe enjoyed his high moment.

His voice is delicate and unadulterated.

In the 22 years since his debut, Zhang Xinzhe has released 31 albums of classic love songs, over 10 million huge record sales, and hundreds of near-crazy large concerts that have filled up every venue.

He has won many listeners with his unique temperament and unflinching singing style.

In 1992, with his popularity soaring, Zhang Xinzhe’s first concert called “Forever Love” was held in Taiwan, and his popularity was evident in the overwhelming response from the media and the audience on stage.

For his singing skills, singing for three hours in a row at the concert is not a problem, but to dance in front of tens of thousands of people, it was difficult for the once shy Zhang Xinzhe.

He often laughs at himself: “I dance, like a schoolboy doing gymnastics.”

Since then, almost every year Zhang Xinzhe will be held in various places with a distinctive personal style of concert, each time he will have a new attempt to bring everyone new surprises.

He sings every song with his heart, never bothering to use techniques and putting all his emotions into the music.

Standing on the stage, Zhang Xinzhe’s mind is a scene from the past, including the leader Li Zongsheng, the old friends of the former Rolling Stone Records, but also his own family.

His mother is frail and sickly, and has always been a concern for Zhang Xinzhe.

In order to make his mother happy, every year he prepares a diamond as a gift, because Zhang’s mother had a serious illness, caused by gallstones blocking the bile ducts and causing cancer.

He wanted to replace the hard stone that made his mother suffer with another stone.

The song “Peony Sorrow”, written for his mother, contains the softest part of his heart.

“Snow freezes the branches in February, the sound of reunion rises and falls she nestles in the sluggish hutong, with an old cotton jacket to pass the winter wind and frost of the years passed, the familiar back still old cotton jacket is pierced by the cold wind, mom still gives me a smile”

Zhang Xinzhe and his Parents

Zhang Xinzhe’s thoughts are delicate, whether you are in the beginning of love, or at a young age, or have long been a parent, his songs flowing out of the sadness and sorrow, are touching.

When it comes to men and love, probably no one can sing more thoroughly and delicately than Zhang Xinzhe, his voice is clear and has memories that belong to that era.

This gentle, soft-hearted boy sang the hundreds of turns of love, and also sang the sorrow and aggravation of countless men and women.

In 2006, after nearly twenty years of debut, Zhang Xinzhe released his long-awaited new album “Be Your Man”. In the title track of the same name, he sang the tender moment of a man with a firm tone.

“Let me be your man, twenty-four hours without sleep

Careful to keep, this passion does not fade”

Zhang Xinzhe has been singing love songs for more than twenty years, yet his love is far less romantic than his love songs. Since his debut, he has hardly had any scandals and his relationship experience is a blank.

Now over 50 years old, he is still all alone.

In the song interpretation of a variety of love Zhang Xinzhe, the reality of maintaining the traditional concept of love.

The old-fashioned love of his parents’ generation is what he aspires to, the long flow of water, not so many sensational moments, but reassuring.

Later, Zhang Xinzhe became what people call a “has-been singer”.

In one episode of the show, he appeared as an invited guest on the scene, a young audience, nonchalantly asked: “When I searched on Baidu for the words “popular singer”, the name of Zhang Xinzhe will appear, what do you think?”

Needless to say, the question was poignant, yet Zhang Xinzhe acted frankly:.

“When you understand the mode of operation of the entertainment industry or show business, you will find that it is actually in pursuit of freshness, or freshness of people or works. Honestly if you say I’m over the hill, I’m actually quite accepting of this.”

In a sense, “out of fashion” is his own choice, once the agent persuaded Zhang Xinzhe to release false news to the media, so as to gain publicity, he refused.

“I do everything for the sake of my music. This choice is important. I’m not an artist who relies on all kinds of packaging, scandals, created events or all kinds of headlines to push me to a position above, because I’m not a singer like that.”

Being in the entertainment industry, the usual career line of singers who have been silent for a long time is probably to participate in talent shows as mentors and earn a lot of money.

But Zhang Xinzhe is not a star, he is a musician. It is a very tiring thing to live for fame and fortune, and he does not want to try.

He will look at fame and fortune very lightly, concentrating on doing what he loves.

Let the world around him, the same is his usual tenderness, and almost never change the face.

Musician Huang Guolun said, “If Luo Dayou was never young, then Zhe was never old, listening to him sing is like listening to a pure poetry, will evoke many beautiful memories of youth.”

In 2016, the long-silent Zhang Xinzhe appeared on the stage of “I am a singer”, his first choice of song is “Faith”, according to the system, as a fill-in singer, he will be the last to appear.

“I have so many regrets so many expectations do you know how clear I love you how strong the faith I do not care how much the heart hurts no matter how much love panic no matter how others think love is a faith”

On the day of the recording, Zhang Xinzhe suffered from a heavy cold, his throat was basically in a hoarse state, because it is an allergic body, medication also requires extreme caution, the twists and turns.

When the outside world has been considered the storm is the topic of hype, Zhang Xinzhe appeared at the recording site that night with illness.

When the first few singers finished singing, crosstalker Hacken Lee choked up and said, “Until now, I didn’t know if he could finish the show, there is this singer.”

Only Zhang Xinzhe’s face was haggard and grave, and his eyes were moist before he could open his mouth under the shouts of encouragement from the audience.

“Whenever I hear melancholy music, evoking memories of the wound, whenever I see the white moonlight, remembering your face ……” a voice, Zhang Xinzhe voice low, hoarse throat non-stop swallowing, expression pain, let people gripped the heart, the outside world feel the seriousness of his illness The degree.

“Cheer, go!”

The audience’s voice shouting, high emotions, to bring him the strength.

This time, it was very likely that the song would end midway because of the loss of voice, however, Zhang Xinzhe did not let everyone down and finished singing the extremely appropriate “Faith” with faith.

His rendition of the song was very different from his usual standard, with constant breakdowns and unstable breath …… However, the touching effect of these short and long minutes would not dissipate so quickly.

At the end of the song, Zhang Xinzhe bowed deeply for a long time, the whole venue resounded with thunderous applause, the audience under the camera has been in tears, the corners of his eyes also flooded with tears.

No exaggerated high notes, no deliberate showmanship, everything was just right. Afterwards, when he was interviewed, he said.

“In fact, my first word out has been wrong, but I can feel the love of the audience for me, no matter what my state, as long as I can truly sing for them is enough, the most important thing for people is to have faith, singers should have faith in music ……”

After each appearance, Zhang Xinzhe has performed very well, in the “I am a singer” scene will be their own uncommon singing skills to show.

It’s not just that people call him a “walking CD”, his heartfelt songs can bring comfort and warmth to many people who are at an emotional low point.

Underneath the song “Faith”, there is a classic comment from a netizen that is very poignant.

“To be honest I don’t have much emotional damage, but once I listen to Zhang Xinzhe opening I can’t help but want to shed tears, probably evoked those listening to the tape album of the young days, the 90s is good ah, want to stay in that age forever, but the thought that parents will always worry about their children and feel that can not be, anyway, it is impossible to achieve, only those good memories will be treasured in the heart for life. “

Young listeners are also touched, will find resonance in his songs, so that whenever you hear the familiar melody, it reminds you of the study period, riding a bicycle on the way Home.

Zhang Xinzhe is a person who dissipates sensationalism, he once said he would not consume emotions, singing love songs for so long, can only move people sincerely.

On March 26, 2021, Zhang Xinzhe turned 54 years old.

He lives a solitary life in Taipei, taking the subway when he goes out, and going to the Food market full of fireworks when he buys groceries, where people have gotten used to meeting him by chance on the road.

He found the most comfortable posture to live, comfortable to do a “past singer”, because Zhang Xinzhe knows that no matter how the outside world judges, they always have their own beliefs about music, that is not necessary to talk to outsiders in the heart of things.

The clean day is probably what he is looking forward to.

The Chinese music industry has been renewed, singing love songs of male singers, but “Prince of Love Songs” these four words, as if always belong to Zhang Xinzhe.

22 years of love songs, the high tide always ebb day, how could he not know.

It seems that Zhang Xinzhe is never willing to self-analysis, and is not a person who can be easily interpreted, not good words under the surface, hidden is a transparent heart.

He sought a breakthrough in his music, gradually throwing away the heavy “love song baggage”.

When I think back to the past years of the fire, Zhang Xinzhe always stood at the end of the crowd, deliberately maintaining a certain distance from the circle.

Nowadays, when the word “Zhang Xinzhe” is mentioned, many people may have forgotten, but the sentiment of the year is still there.

Outside the crowd, he is no longer young, and will not grow old.