Luo Zhixiang brainless support for Xinjiang cotton circle of dumbfounded shelling “crazy?”

Fast fashion H&M because of suspicion of the Chinese Communist Party forced labor production of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, alluding to the local production of cotton is “blood cotton”, suspend the use of cotton in Xinjiang, set off a huge wave, the Chinese Communist Party official and civil boycott related brands, big artists cut to end cooperation. And Luo Zhixiang (piggy) last year by his ex-girlfriend Zhou Yangqing explosive cheating, forced to withdraw from the Chinese market for a year, he suddenly posted in the microblogging today, stating that “I support Xinjiang cotton”, but people in the circle do not think so, that he is already a bad artist in China, this move is not only the Chinese people do not pay the bill, Taiwan people are more upset, so he is caught in two sides of the person is not The dilemma.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Piggy was left the Chinese market will be 1 year, in order to re-enter the Chinese market to make a lot of efforts. But this Time he followed the footsteps of the Chinese people, issued an article in support of Xinjiang cotton is considered to have kicked the iron plate, familiar with the showbiz people feel incredible, exclaiming: “He’s crazy!” Do not understand in the end who is behind the instructions to him to do so, and such a statement, not only the Chinese netizens do not buy, criticized “in Taiwan YouTube can not get up and come to wash the version”, “see the wind and turn the rudder”.

The Chinese Communist Party official will not let him return to the Chinese market because of this sudden move, anxious to rush to take a stand instead of “tightening the broken bowl”, when Taiwan netizens for his return to Taiwan to transform YouTuber a month, a few netizens try to accept his slow return to show business, did not expect this mess, so that Taiwan netizens more gambling rotten. It’s really “Piggy looking in the mirror, not a person inside and out”.

The only reason that can be thought of is perhaps the “Love Connection” campaign that he launched a few days ago in support of his mentor Sun Derong. “activities, hope that all walks of Life subscribe to Taiwan pineapple, piglet without saying anything to buy 200 boxes of Taiwan pineapple, did not expect to be blocked by the Chinese market, he was chased by Chinese netizens, choking him “simply do not want to come back (China)”.

At that time he just followed the footsteps of his mentor to buy pineapples, never thought he could also be caught by the opposite side of the netizens, all the way to be chased, so that he in the hearts of Chinese netizens “more black”. This time he caught the Xinjiang cotton incident, hoping to use the incident to clear his name, but this is a dangerous move, may make the position embarrassing, although many Chinese netizens agree, but the official attitude of the Chinese Communist Party on the inferior artists tough, will not follow the country to support as nothing happened.

Taiwan netizens have recalled that he also posted an article on the 11th National Day of the Communist Party of China last year, congratulating the Communist Party on the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival in one “Happy Birthday”, and it is not surprising that he posted an article in support of Xinjiang cotton this time. What’s more, he invested in the tide brand GNF based in Taiwan, there are people who look deep into his clothing using raw materials, if they really use Xinjiang cotton, Taiwanese consumers may refuse to buy, if he does not use, Chinese netizens recognize that he is not really support, so he is more difficult to clean up after.

Review piggy a year, by his ex-girlfriend Zhou Yangqing expose cheating, like multiplayer sports, the Chinese market fully collapsed, more than 500 million Taiwan dollars in annual revenue overnight into nothing, back to Taiwan to dive for a few months he took advantage of the community to play sports to create a sunny image continue to wash, love the stage he is finally not willing to be lonely, first interviewed by magazines, announced in 2021 to return to the song industry, but the song has not heard half, he The first episode was a street disguise, going back to the route he took more than 10 years ago when he did “TV Search Line”, which was denounced as an old story. The next episode he suddenly took the emotional route, wearing a pig’s head hood and high-fiving in support of medical care on the street, and then returned to the funny route of self-deprecating “multiplayer sports” to bring fat people to lose weight, and the latest episode brought veteran singer Wu Qi Xian to the kitchen to cook, although criticism has become less, but in addition to the first episode broke 500,000 views, views are getting lower and lower is a fact, and the number of subscribers is only 50,000. The road to comeback is quite bumpy.

Senior agents believe that piggy a year has been a mess, the first choice for a comeback or in China, put off the Taiwan location host, throwing the Chinese market is not wise, in fact, he has done everything to return to the Chinese market, on stage, under the table method all used, “dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water”, this time to support the Xinjiang cotton is also considered a gamble. Once again to continue to fight westward to grab the opportunity to earn RMB.