Zhang Jin accompanied his son “eagle catching chicks”, 46-year-old bouncing power amazing

On the morning of March 24, “super daddy” Zhang Jin shared a video on his personal social media platform with his three-child son, Fish Egg, playing the game “Eagle Catching Chick”.

In the video, Cai Shaofen perspective of Zhang Jin and son are wearing masks, protection is quite in place. The father and son are not together for a long Time, very warm.

Zhang Jin wearing a dark baseball cap, wearing a sweatshirt with work pants, feet on casual shoes, the overall look of youthful feeling, plus Zhang Jin body is also very well maintained, is completely more than 20 years old young man’s sense of sight.

The fish egg on the side of the top can be cute love haircut super cute into the camera, the little guy look than before to grow up a lot taller eh, and also fat a lot of oh, meat little belly especially eye-catching. The little guy is wearing a cartoon top, dark pants, orange shoes, raising his little hands to make a shape, really to be his little look to the cute.

This time, with his son playing games, Zhang Jin is playing handsome new height. It is a very good idea to have a good look at the game.

You should know that Zhang Jin is already 46 years old, but at such an age his vitality is still the same as before, it is indeed admirable.

After completing the whole set of movements, Zhang Jin landed smoothly, the whole process is clean, really worthy of martial arts origin ah!

The father on this side of the handsome non-stop, the other side of the fish eggs but always maintain a movement, holding a small belly standing next to the father, the little look really cute bleeding.

Since the arrival of the third child son, Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin every now and then po out the growth of the little baby cute. The fish egg has always been very popular, even if it is only a year old, but already with super cute looks, is a full “group pet”.

And looking through the social platform of Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin, it is not difficult to find that the fish egg looks very much like his father, father and son is exactly copy and paste. It can be seen that the fish egg after growing up is also a proper type of male handsome man oh, is not sure if Zhang Jin will teach his son martial arts it.

Speaking of which, Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin on the son is really very spoiled. When Cai Shaofen topped 46 years old super senior to give birth to her son, after the son’s diet and living is also hands-on.

Not long ago, Cai Shaofen sunshine holding her son shopping photos also caused a lot of buzz. Because the day the fish eggs throughout the mother’s arms asleep, but Cai Shaofen’s state does not look too good, eyes full of red blood, it is heartbreaking.

But for these hard Tsai Shaofen are accepted, she and Zhang Jin married for thirteen years love is not reduced by half, in the outsider’s view of the couple’s sweetness is no less than a hot couple. So Cai Shaofen in the 40s for Zhang Jin gave birth to three sons, is also considered strength to prove that the two are indeed love than Gold true love it.

Now the three children are beautiful to be beautiful, cute to be cute, but also a race a understandable and well-behaved, Zhang Jin and Cai Shaofen should also be full of comfort, feel happy it.