Actress Tong Lei’s husband was sentenced to 3 years in prison! Counterfeiting to create a 5 billion dollar fortune

On March 24, a financial media disclosure: Jinya Technology and its controller Zhou Xuhui, suspected of fraudulent issuance of shares, disclosure of material information, the court has concluded the trial and made a verdict: Jinya Technology was sentenced to a fine of 3.92 million yuan, Zhou Xuhui was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

According to the verdict, Zhou Xuhui began to falsify financial data as early as 2008, and in the issuance of shares, only in 2008 and January-June 2009, the operating income falsification range reached 87.06%, 84.47%.

Later, it is even more exaggerated, obviously the company loss is serious, Zhou Xuhui also through fictitious customers, forged contracts, forged bank documents, forged material products receipt and delivery records, conceal expenses and other ways to increase profits, make the “situation is a good” illusion, deceive the shareholders and the public.

Relying on crazy falsification, Zhou Xuhui successfully made the company listed, and Jinya’s share price also reached a peak of 52.47 yuan per share in 2015, with a market value of 18 billion yuan.

With the rise of the stock price, Zhou Xuhui’s fortune once exceeded 5 billion at the peak, and he himself was once among the top three in Wenzhou’s rich list.

In the career ushered in the “peak” at the same Time, Zhou Xuhui’s feelings also won a second spring.

Before getting married to Tong Lei, Zhou Xuhui had a Marriage.

His first wife, Lai Dandan, 14 years younger than Zhou Xuhui, was the host of Shanghai First Finance’s Fortune Life. When the two met, Zhou Xuhui’s company was just starting up, and they also met in a microcosm.

However, the divorce between the two is said to have not been a good one, not only in court, divorce lawsuits. After losing the case, Lai Dandan also took to social media to accuse the president of the court of injustice, and the matter became a stormy city for a while.

After the divorce, Zhou Xuhui soon began a high-profile pursuit of actress Tong Lei.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, such as the “Sui Tang Heroes”, “Li Rong Rong”, “Liang Jian”, “Tian Yu”, a nurse who has the courage to love and dare to do, and “Broken Thorn”, a brave defense of the country, intelligent and atmospheric “The role she portrayed was mostly daring, beautiful and strong.

However, in life, she was careless and was enchanted by Zhou Xuhui, a “fake rich man”.

It is said that Tong Lei was shooting a TV series and moved around the country for scenes, but every place she went, she would get a Bentley, Maserati and other luxury cars and accompanying car transportation, which is naturally Zhou Xuhui’s handiwork.

In September 2014, Tong Lei at the launch of “Halfway Father and Son”, for the first time admitted the fact that married with a daughter, daughter named Zhou Qianhe, husband is a listed technology company chairman, that is, Jinya Technology Zhou Xuhui.

However, immediately after the June 5, 2015, Zhou Xuhui on suspicion of violating securities laws and regulations, the investigation was opened. Now, the investigation, which lasted six years, finally ended with Zhou Xuhui jailed.

I can only say that the fake is finally true, Zhou Xuhui also deserved.