Playing the big shot? U.S. Vice President He Jinli broke the custom of boarding the plane without shaking off the guard salute

It has become an unwritten tradition for the President of the United States to salute his guardsmen on board an airplane, and it has also become an unwritten practice for the Vice President. However, the current vice president, Kamala Harris, was photographed by the media on several occasions when she was on board Air Force Two (the vice presidential plane) and the air force sergeant on duty saluted her, but she ignored it and did not return the salute, and was criticized for being arrogant.

The US “Forsyth News” 24 compiled a video of He Jinli not shaking off the salute on four recent flights, and stressed that former Vice President Pence (Mike Pence) would not forget this basic etiquette.

The former New York police chief, Bernie Kerik, uploaded a related video on Twitter on the 23rd, criticizing He Jinli’s arrogant behavior as shameful.

The United States does not explicitly state that the president must return the salute to the guard on the plane, the tradition began in the era of former President Reagan (Ronald Reagan), and for the subsequent presidents and vice presidents to follow.