Jiangxi Nanchang tanker truck in a bridge crash fire actually burned through the bridge

In the afternoon of March 26, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang City, the hero of the bridge on a tanker truck explosion fire due to a car accident, a large amount of fuel leakage ignited a huge fire, smoke rolled. The video shows the bridge being burned through the fire, burning fuel constantly leaking from the through-hole. Nearby residents said they heard two explosions. But officials reported that a minibus had exploded and caught fire on the bridge, saying there were no casualties.

According to local official media, at 14:29 on March 26, an explosion and fire occurred in a minibus on the Hero Bridge in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, and nearby residents heard two obvious explosions. 14:58, the scene of the fire was extinguished, no casualties for the Time being.

Netizens released a video showing the hero bridge in Nanchang City, smoke rolling, informed netizens disclosed that a tanker truck explosion caused by a car accident fire, fuel leaks led to a 50-meter range of the bridge are lit up a blaze. There is a bridge deck has been perforated, burning fuel continues to leak from the through-hole. The picture can only see a minibus parked on the bridge burning.