Little pink witch hunt globalization! Xie Jinhe warned: Musk if the focus on China Tesla dangerous

In order to retain China as a big customer, Musk went out of his way to be interviewed by CCTV, saying that China is the most important target and partner. Photo: tesla Youtube

The Chinese Communist Party‘s long-term persecution of Uyghurs in Xinjiang has led to condemnation from all walks of Life. The European Union and other countries such as the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia have recently announced sanctions against Chinese officials, and international brands such as H&M, Nike and Adidas have also announced their refusal to use cotton from Xinjiang, only to be met with a total boycott by the Chinese public. “announced the termination of cooperation with the relevant brands, even Taiwanese artists Peng Yuyan, Ouyang Nana also had to join the ranks of the statement. In response, Caixin Media Chairman Xie Jinhe bluntly pointed out that “this is a magnified version of the witch hunt.

The first thing that Taiwan‘s companies did was to suffer from the fact that they could not earn money with one hand and support Taiwan independence with the other. Last year Australia and the Chinese Communist Party crossed swords, Australia’s lobster, red wine, etc. have also eaten the bitterness. Earlier, the NBA was boycotted because of the Rockets’ president’s tweet; Canada was also boycotted because of the Meng Wanzhou incident. This witch hunt attacked Europe, like always pro-China Germany, this Time Adidas was boycotted, German Chancellor Mei Keer must have felt very much.

Xie Jinhe pointed out that for the Xinjiang issue, the Chinese Communist Party and Europe to counteract each other, the next may impact the investment agreement between China and Europe. Politics will definitely affect business investment, Taiwanese businessmen like to say “we just focus on business, do not talk about politics”, but Xie Jinhe believes that in the end, “politics will definitely find you, and force you to take a stand”, Taiwan’s enterprises do not have a strong government as a backing. Without a strong government backing, Taiwan’s businesses are at the mercy of others. Even the powerful U.S., it does not necessarily have all the power, as powerful as Tesla (Tesla), when the relationship between the two sides are tense, investment will also be affected.

Xie Jinhe continued to point out that last year, Tesla’s share price rose 743%, this year to today has fallen 9.25%, Tesla’s business in China, this year, the fear of impact. Recently, the central government of the Communist Party of China has asked military personnel, or important public officials, are not allowed to ride in Tesla’s electric cars, which is just the beginning of a signal. This directive has already forced Tesla founder Musk to vow to clarify his position, and Tesla is afraid that it will face unprecedented headwinds in the past, and will be “swept out of the door” when China’s goal of electric vehicle autonomy is reached.

The Chinese market is Tesla’s second largest market after the United States, accounting for one-fifth of total revenue, but recently Tesla in China Outbreak of capital security controversy, the Chinese government questioned Tesla has the suspicion of stealing national security secrets, prohibiting important military and government personnel to drive Tesla. Xie Jinhe warned that if Musk put the focus on China, Tesla’s danger will also grow with each passing day, the future investment in Tesla’s variables will also be greatly increased, the fall in Tesla’s share price this year, the market seems to have issued a warning.