Secretly dislike Wang Huning? Li Keqiang sensitive time to visit Jiangsu foreign-owned factories

Li Keqiang went to Jiangsu to cheer for foreign enterprises. (Photo source: Internet)

The Communist Youth League Central Committee and the Communist Party’s official media have taken the lead in the storm of boycotting foreign goods across China in the past few days. But only Chinese Premier Li Keqiang went to Jiangsu province, where many foreign companies are gathered, to inspect this unusual move, some people think that Li Keqiang is secretly dissatisfied with Wang Huning.

According to official reports, Li Keqiang visited the BASF chemical plant, a joint venture between China and Germany, on the 26th.

The company supplies chemical materials to brands such as Nike and Adidas. And Nike (Nike), Adidas (Adidas) are the brands suddenly driven by the official boycott of foreign goods campaign ripples in the past few days.

BASF’s sales in China reached 8.5 billion euros in 2020, and China is now BASF’s second largest market in the world, after the United States.

Li Keqiang’s visit to Jiangsu began on the 25th, but there was no detailed coverage of his trip in the central media, only on the Chinese government website of the State Council, which is controlled by Li Keqiang. Li mainly toured high-tech companies in Jiangsu, telling employees at one of them to “work in a down-to-earth manner.

He also told the company’s management: “The more you invest, the more tax credits you get, the happier we will be, which will effectively stimulate innovation and promote industrial upgrading. We want to leverage enterprises and society as a whole to increase investment in R&D through tax incentives and market-based approaches that are fair and inclusive. It’s not just about four or two pounds ……”

Radio Free Asia Twitter questioned that Li Keqiang is not in tune with the central government again this Time?

A netizen followed up by saying, “You think it’s a different tune, but it’s actually their usual routine. One sings black face, one sings white face.”

The nationalist trend this time is obviously the work of ideological director Wang Huning, who leads the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the major official media, and is directly under Wang Huning’s command, said time commentator Zheng Zhongyuan. Wang Huning and Li Keqiang have been fighting with each other, and it is impossible to sing a double act. Li Keqiang’s inspection of foreign enterprises at this sensitive time is obviously a move to express his dissatisfaction with Wang Huning, if it is not an accident.