Britain’s new law on epidemic prevention to offer heavy penalties for traveling abroad

The UK will vote on Thursday to enact a new law on The prevention of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19), in addition to business travel and study abroad, other unjustified travel abroad will be subject to a fine of 5,000 pounds.

The government then drafted a new bill that, if passed successfully on Thursday, will fine residents of England £5,000 for traveling abroad without a valid reason from next week. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may also follow suit.

Under the current gradual relaxation of restrictions, the earliest date on which Britons can leave the country for vacation is May 17. However, in the face of the European Epidemic is still serious and the slow pace of vaccination, making people feel hesitant to travel abroad.

British health Minister Matt Hancock said that travel abroad must be restricted to prevent a large number of cases and variants of the virus from invading the country. Lord Bethell, a health ministry official, said the U.K. could put all of its European neighbors on a high-risk red list. But Hancock told the BBC that there are no plans to do so.