Biden three consecutive falls! Trump said “I saw it coming”: He Jinli is afraid to replace him as president

The US President Joe Biden fell in public when he boarded Air Force One on the steps of the plane on the 19th. The former President Trump said in an interview yesterday that this situation had been expected, but also pointed out that Biden’s intelligence is declining, and may not even recognize his signature, the future of the Democratic Party may let Biden’s deputy He Jinli to replace him as president.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. “. Trump also said that Biden had a terrible fall, not once, but three times.

According to the report, at that Time, Biden had mocked Trump’s careful walking appearance, and the mainstream media also reported it repeatedly at large, some commentators pointed out, like “CNN” spent 22 minutes to report on Trump’s walk, while this time Biden fell, the “CNN” reported only 15 seconds.

Trump also told the Newsmax host that he thought Biden might be in a state of intellectual decline, raising doubts about whether he knew the contents of the documents and orders he had signed.

Trump last year criticized the 78-year-old Biden’s poor mental state and mocked the fact that the Democrats would later move the 25th Amendment to the Constitution after Biden took office, allowing his deputy to replace him as president; Trump said he still believed it could happen, and that Biden had publicly referred to her as “president” by mistake earlier.

Trump concluded by saying that these things must be taken seriously, and he hopes they never happen.