Musk sent bold words: SpaceX “Starship” landing on Mars before 2030

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said today (23) that the company’s Starship spacecraft will land on Mars in 2030.

SpaceX plans to use the rocket for future missions to the moon or Mars, according to Reuters, despite the fact that the prototype of the company’s heavy rocket, Starship, keeps landing and exploding during flight tests. “Starship” to carry people or 100 metric tons of cargo.

Musk tweeted on Tuesday that SpaceX will let the “Starship” spacecraft land on Mars before 2030, but the real difficulty is to make the Mars base “Mars Base Alpha” self-sufficient.

SpaceX plans to make its first Earth-orbiting flight at the end of this year. Musk has said he intends to fly around the moon with Japanese billionaire Tomosaku Maezawa in 2023 on board the Starship.