William Li’s left eye was kicked by his daughter to detach the retina, the doctor: there is a possibility that it will never fully heal

On March 22 at noon, actor William Li shared his daily Life, revealing that a few days ago, when playing with his daughter, Harper rolled over and accidentally kicked his father’s left eye, when the eye was painful and could not see clearly, and after two days it was still blurred, and then the doctor was told that the retina of the left eye was detached, and if the medical treatment was not timely, it could lead to serious Blindness.

William said that he had already had surgery, but after the surgery, his left eye could not recover 100% of its previous clarity, and the doctor said that it might never be completely healed.

Although the treatment effect is not 100% recovery, but fortunately found in Time, it did not lead to serious consequences, William alerted everyone, hope to pay attention to protect the eyes in daily life, and children play should also pay attention to the injury to see a doctor in time.

In 2014, he publicly married his girlfriend of 8 years, and in 2015 his wife gave birth to his daughter Harper, who celebrated her 6th birthday in January this year.

The second generation daughter Harper has five mixed blood, but the face is not outstanding, William spoiled his daughter, but never public wife’s front photo, very protective of the Family.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

The daughter and grandmother look very much like, William still handsome, the family are so happy, it can be seen that his wife has a great influence on William, let him feel at ease to be a good father.

The company’s daughter was accidentally injured while playing with him, and I’m sure the young Harper also blamed himself, but there are inevitably all kinds of small accidents in life, the eyes are the window to the soul, I hope that William soon recovered.