Japanese media exposure Fukuhara Ai divorce attitude is determined to find a good lawyer, but Jiang Hongjie insisted on redeeming

Recently, Fukuhara Ai Jiang Hongjie’s Marriage fiasco has been receiving public attention, almost every few days there will be new news, the two can also become a topic of concern for the masses.

March 22, a Japanese television program to find two senior journalists, openly expose the marital status of Fukuhara Ai Jiang Hongjie, one of the reporters revealed that Fukuhara Ai originally booked a return ticket to Taiwan 2 weeks ago, but do not know why are cancelled on the day.

And another reporter also do not know where to get the news, said the couple have different ideas, Jiang Hongjie intention to win back the woman, did not entrust a lawyer, while Fukuhara Ai is already looking for a good lawyer, if the news is true, then it can be seen that Fukuhara Ai to Jiang Hongjie seems to be discouraged, do not want to go back.

The Japanese media reported yesterday (March 21) that if the marriage between Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie breaks up, then the fight for custody is imperative for the two. And previously, there are also people who know that Fukuhara Ai has always wanted to bring the two children back to Japan.

But Japanese lawmakers believe that Ai Fukuhara is at a disadvantage in the custody battle because she was first photographed leaving her children behind and dating an unknown man after the marriage fiasco.

On March 20, Taiwan media photographed Jiang Hongjie’s Family with a pair of children, sending Ai’s mother to the airport to take a plane back to Japan. During the period, the family and their children are also reluctant to leave their grandmother.

In the departure, Jiang family and love mother are always refused to answer the media any questions, but the three-year-old daughter Alia is childish, generously told the media, they play with their mother before bedtime phone.

And after that, Jiang Hongjie also said loosely that he had a video call with Ai Fukuhara.

After the news of Alia’s return to Japan spread that day, Alia issued a statement explaining that Alia’s return to Japan was the result of a discussion between the two sides, and said that when Alia returned to Japan, she would be picked up at the airport by her brother.

However, for the current state of their relationship, Ai Fukuhara said that everything can not be revealed at the moment, but also do not know what the final result will be.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The actual fact is that you will be able to find out from between the lines that he is unhappy with his mom and probably also with Ai Fukuhara. The Japanese media previously reported that the Jiang family on the spiritual bullying of Ai Fukuhara, the Jiang family has not come forward to respond or clarify.

So, the truth in the end how, can only wait for Time to prove it, I hope that the couple can discuss, choose the best way to deal with family problems for the child it.