Yang Mi apologized for the “cartoon waist” tore open the actress figure hype shame cloth

Yang Mi challenge “comic waist”

Appearance, has been the focus of the hype of the female stars in the entertainment industry, especially for those who do not represent the actress, always think of ways to blow their high face, and the body is the hardest hit by the hype of appearance, step by step derived from a variety of challenges.

The challenge that has just emerged is the “comic waist”, the first actress to try is Yang Mi, and sure enough, once the beautiful photos came out, “all the netizens” have praised her good figure.

Yang Mi’s studio expressed deep admiration and called on fans to give it a try.

The new female bean, Zhang Yifan, then also participated in the comic waist challenge, posture than the “old-timer” Yang Mi more standardized, but the style of painting a little seeping, looks like a deformity.

But this comic waist challenge, caused a lot of controversy.

First of all, this action is really suitable for the extreme figure of the girl, it is best to have professional dance skills, and need to be completed under professional guidance, a careless is likely to produce irreparable damage to the waist, regret for Life.

Zhang Yifan also participated in the comic waist challenge

Dr. Ding Xiang science comic waist challenge risk.

Many fans also argued that the comic waist is a yoga pose, but in fact the original source is an overseas site with color, there are suspicions of winks male, look at the original comic author issued other poses will know, Yang Mi is not to challenge all the poses all over it?

Secondly, driven by the stars, many girls have another body challenge, there is a suspicion of selling body anxiety.

After seeing a lot of questions, Yang Mi apologized this Time or quite timely, the “cartoon waist” characterized as “difficult stretching action”, avoiding the heavy, make big into small, but fans are screaming “you’re right! The actual “caricature waist” is characterized as a “difficult stretch”.

The hype about the body parts of female celebrities in the entertainment industry has never stopped over the years, and the one that attracted the most disgust from netizens before was Lang Lang’s wife Gina.

After Gina went on “Happy Trio” with Lang Lang, she was invited to several shows and events, and almost every time she measured her waist or mentioned her proud waistline, then she was on the hot search again and again.

Even after Gina was six or seven months pregnant, the couple was at the event several times, and they didn’t forget to emphasize that Gina’s waist hadn’t changed, proudly.

The two also made it to the top of the hot search list.

Half a month ago, Jin Chen created a new field of body competition – neck, measured out the neck length of 14cm, once on the second place of the hot search list.

In recent years, female celebrities have used almost every part from top to bottom to speculate.

The face to small is better, small to the extreme, it becomes a palm face, Yang Ying, Zhao Jinmai and other actresses have challenged.

Further down is the eye, the bigger the eye the more lovely, the first to launch the challenge is Tan Songyun, the size of a coin as the standard, referred to as “coin eyes”, later Chen Qiao’en also joined the challenge.

The clavicle part, you can challenge the clavicle to put a coin, the more you put the better the clavicle, but also derived from the clavicle to put lipstick, put eggs, put lemon competition, the most powerful should be Chen Qiao’en, put two eggs.

Shoulders also have the perfect standard, that is, the right-angle shoulder, visually look oblique muscle is very small, arm meat is not much, under the trend, many girls are shouting to practice, Chloe Chung also launched a tutorial.

But in fact, the right-angle shoulder is a medical condition, the name is called subscapularis gyrus syndrome, because the scapula position is incorrectly caused.

Waist is the hardest hit by the hype of the female stars body, in addition to the cartoon waist, measure the waist circumference, there are more intuitive challenges that are all the rage.

The thinner the waist the more beautiful, fine to A4 paper so wide is perfect, so Yang Mi, Yuan Shanshan, Wang Li Kun, Qi Wei, Bing Bing and other actresses have challenged A4 waist.

Waist fine or not, the entertainment industry has also emerged another standard – backhand touching the navel, a few years later Gina in the “daily up” is still playing, easy to achieve.

Legs are also the most popular parts of the female celebrities show, the longer and thinner the more beautiful, so female celebrities wearing dresses to events will try to show their legs and improve the waistline. Legs used to have a standard of beauty, that is, “i6 legs”, knees together, the width is not more than the length of a love crazy 6 is good.

Actresses like to show and postpartum body recovery speed, Tong Liya, Yao Chen and other actresses just after the birth of a child not long after the “dazzling belly”, so how many ordinary mothers are ashamed of themselves.

There is no excuse for the female celebrities to hype the body standards, after all, the industry has formed such an atmosphere, but really according to those standards grow, that has to grow into what? Every standard is met, that body has to be more deformed?

In addition, like Yang Mi play this cartoon waist, or practice right angle shoulder, will cause harm to health, has exceeded the bottom line of entertainment.

Today is a female awakening, aesthetics should be more diverse, more should advocate healthy aesthetics, and under the leadership of female celebrities, aesthetics become more and more single, and then the entire society’s aesthetic impact, look at today’s Film and Television circle, female celebrities look so much alike, there are many net red face filled the screen, this is really the result we want?