Jiang Hongjie open son and daughter life photos, while walking the dog while bringing up the baby super comfortable, lazy Fukuhara Ai desperate mindset

According to a program broadcast by Japanese media on March 22, Fukuhara Ai has been desperate for Marriage, looking for a good lawyer to prepare for a lawsuit with Jiang Hongjie, who is not looking for a lawyer for the Time being and intends to save the Family of four.

The content was exposed by a senior Japanese journalist, triggering concern among Chinese and Japanese netizens, but Jiang Hongjie obviously does not care, he opened his family Life photos on March 22, while walking the dog and bringing up the baby, no Fukuhara Ai’s day, still fun.

In the photo, Ai Fukuhara a son and a daughter squatting on the lawn playing, they look towards the fish pond, bending over and lifting the hip posture is very cute, 3-year-old daughter tied ponytail, look like mother, two-year-old son with mushroom head, look especially like that crybaby love sauce.

Jiang Hongjie lazy outside the storm, dedicated to taking care of a pair of children, and dare to public life photos, but also that the status quo to maintain an optimistic attitude, at least a pair of children are still around, the right to choose is still in his hands.

Although Ai Fukuhara was interviewed and said she was subjected to verbal violence, no one spoke up for them except for her and her girlfriends, lacking strong evidence.

The Japanese media published an article on the 22nd questioning the exposure of Ai Fukuhara’s verbal violence as a diversion, after all, she was photographed dating first, before the verbal violence came into play.

But for sure, Ai Fukuhara filed for divorce as early as January, regardless of whether there is “dating a 5-year-old schoolboy for three days and two nights” this thing, their marriage is on the rocks, the former love is difficult to find.

Two senior Japanese journalists on the program broke the news that Ai Fukuhara was scheduled to return to Taiwan two weeks ago by plane, but I do not know why it will be suddenly canceled, since the beginning of the month into the wedding storm, Ai Fukuhara has not appeared, even the mobility of the mother returned to Japan alone, but also by the older brother of ten years to pick up the plane.

Two days ago, the Jiang Hongjie family showed up at the airport to send his mother-in-law away, love mother in a wheelchair with a serious expression, did not respond to the reporter’s interview, but the feelings of grandchildren, 3-year-old Alia sauce clinging to his grandmother, the scene is sad saddening.

He did not take a position until late at night when he posted a shout out to his mother-in-law, confessing his mixed feelings, helplessness but must be separated, said a lot of words before leaving, hoping that his mother-in-law can be as happy as in Taiwan.

This sentimental text contains deeper meaning, from which we can see that even with two children around, Jiang Hongjie actually does not have the initiative, but rather long-term bullying of Ai Fukuhara determined to draw a line in the sand with the man.