Famous actor Liao Qizhi suffered from stomach cancer, lost his beloved son, his wife was depressed, and suffered bad luck but never complained.

According to Hong Kong media on March 22, veteran actor and veteran actor Liao Qi Zhi (Uncle Zhi) has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and has now completely stopped working and admitted to hospital for treatment.

In an interview with Hong Kong media, Liao Qizhi admitted that his body is not well and quit his play contract to actively fight against the disease, full of positive energy, he is confident that he can recover up.

“Thank you for your concern, older, machine bad, the body did appear unwell, so to repair it before it is too late, in order to love the body, in order not to delay the progress of the crew (push off work), know what to advance and retreat, has informed the crew this Time failed to cooperate, now focus on conditioning the body, health is most valuable.”

For whether the stomach cancer, Uncle Zhi did not directly admit or deny, said the request to the outside world to give private space to adjust the body, although I know that everyone is well-intentioned, but also a burden, I hope to understand.

The 66-year-old Liao Qizhi is known as the “Golden Supporting Actor”, forty years in the industry to portray many classic images, including “Infernal Affairs 3”, “Witness”, “disappearing bullets” and other film roles, many times nominated for the Golden Film Awards best supporting actor and twice on stage to receive the award.

He was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Film Awards and won two awards on stage. He never thought that his Life would turn out to be like life, but he suddenly developed cancer, which made people sad.

In addition, Liao Qizhi is also known as a model husband in the circle, and his wife Chen Miner has been married for 34 years, and has three sons to form a Family of five very happy.

However, his youngest son, Liao Wen Nuo, died of blood cancer at the age of 6.

The couple suffered from the pain of losing their son, and once they were depressed and had difficulty getting out of it.

In recent years, Liao Qizhi was encouraged by Chow Yun-Fat to climb mountains for exercise, rarely seen to focus on recuperation, as he has four films waiting to be released, plus in the Hong Kong Baptist University film school as a lecturer, after the disease, living in seclusion, so the outside world speculation may be physically ill.

It is understood that Liao Qi Zhi last year has been found stomach cancer, in order to avoid outside worry, has been low-profile treatment, only a few friends know, hospitalized during a critical illness, Uncle Zhi insisted not to notify anyone, only let family members accompany, with strong willpower to survive the past, close friends are very concerned, immediately after receiving the news filming to cheer him up.