Zhao Liying recent photos of thin and haggard fans crazy after the star scared her

On March 21, some netizens exposed the new drama roadshow photos of actress Zhao Liying on social media platforms, which triggered hot debate among netizens. In the roadshow photos, Zhao Liying is dressed in a plain dress, her feet are still wearing rain boots, her body shape is very thin, like a paper man.

In the close up close-up photo, you can see that Zhao Liying’s face is very tired and her face is a bit puffy. The skin shows a bumpy state, dark circles and bags under the eyes are very serious, completely different from the usual shiny and bright.

There were many staff members around Zhao Liying on the set. After the scene, she was ready to leave by car, but the scene was already surrounded by fans. A passerby took note of the crazy scene with his camera, saying, “Zhao Liying was stunned, Fu An people are too enthusiastic, haha”.

There were two female fans standing in front shooting Zhao Liying, there was a fan wearing fluorescent green, trotting all the way, looking to run to Zhao Liying, there was also a large group of fans surrounding her behind. Zhao Liying was also frightened and hurriedly followed her assistant all the way to the car to prepare to leave.

The new drama opening ceremony is still in good shape, and fans praise her for her postpartum girlishness, smile or the lovely look of the “flower bone”.