Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng custody case opened: the woman admitted to want to abort, allegedly mental aspects of the problem

On March 22nd at 8:30 am US Time (22:30 pm Beijing time on March 22nd), Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng custody case started in Denver, USA. This court session was conducted by webcast and lasted until early the next morning Beijing time. Zheng Shuang herself appeared in court, both she and Zhang Heng did not appear on camera and answered the judge’s questions via voice.

The relevant content of the court hearing is as follows.

Zheng Shuang said in court that she is now in an apartment in Denver, Colorado, with a visa that allows her to stay for six months, has no current plans regarding her acting career, and “it’s now up to me to make arrangements for my own children.” She is asking for joint custody of the child because she believes that children are not tools and need the love and care of their Parents, without either of which they cannot grow up healthily.

When it comes to the reason for choosing a surrogate, Zheng said it was not because of her career as an actress, but because of a long-term diet that led to heart problems, so she sought out two Surrogacy agencies in California, USA, in December 2018. The boy, Luka, was born on Dec. 19, 2019, and the girl, Luna, was born on Jan. 4, 2020. Zheng said that initially she and Zhang Heng had decided that after the child was born, the two would bring the child back to China and raise it together.

On the question of whether she had thought about abortion, Zheng admitted that she thought about stopping the surrogacy and made inquiries via email about terminating the surrogacy, giving it up for adoption, or adopting it, but she did not make any decision to adopt it or to stop the surrogacy. It started when she looked at Zhang Heng’s phone on September 27, 2019: “I was sad to find a lot of content inside, what his relationships with other women were like, and worried if I and the baby were part of his entertainment.”

Zhang Heng revealed that Zheng Shuang is suspected of having mental problems

Zhang Heng revealed that Zheng Shuang had said he had a suspected unstable personality problem, and he claimed that between 2018 and 2019, Zheng Shuang had two suspected attempts to commit suicide.

The first time was in June 2018 when Zheng Shuang locked himself in his room and did not eat, drink, sleep or turn on the lights or work, when Zhang Heng was on a business trip in the UK and Zheng Shuang’s parents called to beg him to come back to take care of Zheng Shuang; the second time was around 2019 when Zheng Shuang had bought a Medicine online and told Zhang Heng that he could die by taking 20 pills and put the bottle under his pillow.

On the spot Zheng Shuang was asked if she had taken psychotropic drugs, she said she had before and now she doesn’t take them anymore. After Zhang Heng broke the news about Zheng Shuang’s mental problems, the judge asked Zheng Shuang to have a psychiatric evaluation.

Zheng Shuang had met with her children after arriving in the United States

Zheng Shuang said she met the child at an outdoor park on March 10 after arriving in Denver. There was also a parenting coach on site. Zheng Shuang’s mother, Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang’s friends were all present that day.

Zheng Shuang said she also brought a lot of snacks, tissues and sterilization supplies, but Zhang Heng did not allow the child to eat the snacks she brought. Zheng Shuang said that after seeing the child, he felt that the child was slowly accepting her. However, when the father approached the child, the child felt uneasy and began to approach her father and soon cried. After Zhang Heng walked away a bit, the child got closer to her and her daughter Luna fell asleep in her arms. Zheng Shuang claimed that she was very excited at that time, but still controlled her emotions well and made the child feel safe.

However, Zhang Heng’s statement differs from Zheng Shuang’s.

Zhang Heng admitted that when Zheng Shuang met with the child, he had accompanied the child to play, and his assistant had interaction with the child, but he could feel that the child would be afraid of the child, and was in a very strong state of stress with Zheng Shuang. Even if you see the fun bubbles spewing out within the balloon gun, a movement is not afraid to move.

After meeting for 20 to 25 minutes, Luka started crying and ran to him, and his daughter Luna also cried, but kept standing still. Zhang Heng said, after seeing the children began to cry, although and mother was very anxious, but then did not immediately go over, want to give the child and mother enough space. But from 30 to 35 minutes later, Zheng Shuang walked to the corner of the park alone, the assistant took care of Luna and the childcare coach took care of Luka. because the child was crying too much, Zhang Heng started to calm the child, but after calming the child, he retreated to a far away place and handed the child to Zheng Shuang. But Luka started crying again and Luna sat on the slide, motionless.

It is reported that the next court hearing will continue on April 6.