The group actor sun video condemned the crew: the group’s shoes are not washed for 10 years and dirty and smelly, only the main actors are customized

If Hollywood is the highest temple in the hearts of most actors, Hengdian is the dream mecca for ordinary people who love acting. Ordinary people with Dreams of acting gather in Hengdian for the sake of their dreams, and over Time, “Hengdiao” has become a large force.

In Hengdian, various dynasties and types of plays are staged every day, and there are countless mass actors mixed in them. The treatment of Hengdian group actor most netizens have heard, 10 hours 100 yuan, with lines and no lines, more lines and less lines wage is different, but the highest is not high where.

But such a job in the eyes of ordinary netizens wages are extremely unsatisfactory, but in Hengdian to compete for jobs. For a work, group acting is the most insignificant part. But without group actors, a work is hardly complete. Because of this relationship, the identity of the group actor also has a kind of uncertainty, sometimes golden, sometimes humble.

I think many netizens have heard of “I’m a Roadie” by Erskine. A film focusing on the Hengdian group actors, allowing netizens to see through the lens of the Hengdian Family is not easy.

The director dares to be a pioneer, treating the group actors as the main characters and letting them interpret themselves. The focus on the reality of the subject matter is more or less pathos, and netizens who have seen the film are saddened by it.

I thought this movie would make the industry aware of the role of group acting, and that real group acting would usher in its own spring. But in the flow of idols and topic stars back and forth under the attack, the group actor this team has never caused a hot debate, as always, as the backdrop of all the big stars.

A crew of all the group actor’s salary may not add up to a fraction of a big star’s salary, which is also the norm in the entertainment industry today. In addition to the salary this difficult to cross the gulf, group actors and stars in costumes, Food and other aspects are also very different.

On March 22, a group actor posted a video condemning the crew: “The shoes worn by the mass actors for ten years are not washed too dirty and stinky, the crew is so no way, only the real actors are customized, so envious.” In fact, it is not to blame the group of actors “grievances”, because the attitude of the crew to group actors is indeed a difficult to say.

In the video, a large group of actors gathered around a piece to select their own costumes to wear later. The netizens are used to seeing the fitting rooms in celebrity vlogs, and mistakenly thought that the costumes of the group actors were in the shed, but who would have thought that the group actors’ costumes were piled directly on the ground, just like a pile of garbage that was about to be burned.

Not only are the costumes piled up on the ground, but the group actor spits out that the shoes they wear have not been washed for 10 years, and the smell is so great that they stand in front of the shoe pile and feel on their heads.

The group’s shoes are smelly and dirty for ten years without washing, and it is a bit surprising to see a dozen or even dozens of people wearing the same pair of shoes. The treatment of group actors is poor to a mess, let a look at the feeling that the entertainment industry to be finished. But looking at the main actors and actresses ten sets of eight and incomparable exquisite clothes, and feel that the entertainment industry is still paper and Gold, red wine and green.

Only the main actor’s uniforms and shoes are specially customized, the mass actors are so stingy that even the money for washing clothes is not, I have to say that the Film and Television crew is also the “two-faced” attributes of the play to the fullest.

The investment of a play is so much, the crew to consider the expenditure is not wrong, but in the case of conditions allow or to consider the costume and chemical road and safety and health issues.

Instead of allocating more than half of the funds to the stars as a fee, to make a bad film can not be bad, it would be better to spend some thought in the costume road and group costumes. This way, even if the plot is too bad to mention, but the crew’s care for the costumes and the group’s heart, is also able to blow a blow.