Only eat the Trump set? Yang Jiechi’s most wanted photo deleted by the net

Pompeo receives Yang Jiechi on Oct. 8, 2018. (Video screenshot)

In the first round of high-level U.S.-China talks since the Biden administration took office, Yang Jiechi, director of the Chinese Communist Party‘s foreign affairs office, claimed that “the Chinese don’t eat this!” So what exactly does the Chinese Communist Party eat? Someone posted a photo of Yang Jiechi and mocked it, saying that it was the photo Yang most wanted to delete. Netizens lamented, “They only eat ‘Trump‘!”

On the first day of the U.S.-China meeting, Yang Jiechi, a member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo, opened the meeting with a “War Wolf” stance, attacking the United States for nearly 17 minutes, and disregarding diplomatic etiquette, declaring, “The United States is not qualified to speak to China from above, and the Chinese do not eat this! ” He also reminded the U.S. to stop touting American democracy to the world.

Afterwards, a Twitter user shared a photo of then-Secretaries of State Tillerson and Pompeo when they received Yang Jiechi respectively. The user said that although the photo reflected a moment of interaction between the two sides at that Time, I guess the official media of the Chinese Communist Party would never dare to publish it. If Yang Jiechi dares to treat Pompeo like that in front of his face, he will have to wait to be cleaned up.

Many other netizens said: “No wonder he has to become a war wolf, this is probably the photo that ‘Tiger Yang’ wants to delete the most” and “This is the difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party in China (CCP). “.

The photos shared by netizens show that Yang Jiechi appeared low-key and humble when he went to Washington twice as a CPC state councilor in March 2017 and February 2018 to seek a meeting with then-Secretary of State Tillerson. when he met with Pompeo in October 2018 and June 2020, Yang Jiechi was even more obsequious and looked like a lackey.

Netizens lamented that the Chinese Communist Party is bullying the good and fearing the bad, and only eats the “Trump” set.

In response to the U.S.-China talks. Jason Miller, a senior adviser to former U.S. President Donald Trump, tweeted that Chinese Communist Party officials “will never talk to President Trump in the same posture as they did to the Biden Administration yesterday.

Jordan Schneider, a China affairs and technology analyst at the consulting firm Rongding Group, also tweeted that Chinese Communist Party officials are crazy and don’t take the air out of their mouths when they engage with the Trump Administration. But in their first encounter with Biden administration officials, they were like war wolves.

In an interview with conservative media outlet Newsmax, Pompeo reminded the Biden administration to be wary of the Chinese Communist Party’s ill intentions and deliberate use of delaying tactics to gain an advantage.

Pompeo said the Chinese Communist Party’s words don’t make much sense, but merely delay and wait for an opportunity to create an advantage for itself. The U.S. must remain tough in the U.S.-China confrontation, and the U.S. must not take it lightly as the Chinese Communist Party will not show mercy. The Chinese side’s words are directed at the CCP, not the Chinese people.

Pompeo tweeted again on the 19th, “Strength is what deters the bad guys, weakness only invites war.” On the same day, in an interview with Fox, he warned, “Weakness will bring war and inspire hostility, especially when the Chinese Communist Party knows that this administration is weak against the Chinese Communist Party.”

He said, “We need American leaders to show the Chinese Communist Party that we are determined, just like President Trump (Trump) and our team have done. Failure to do so will bring many bad consequences and dangers.”

Pompeo also said that if he had been there, he would have gone toe-to-toe and held the other side responsible for the CCP outbreak (the new coronavirus). China’s statement that “the United States is not a beacon of democracy around the world is pure nonsense, and it’s insane that they would attack the United States like that.”

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted that the Biden administration’s weakness was “obvious” and said that the Chinese Communist Party told Biden that “you have no power” and that this was the Biden administration’s “last word on America. This is the consequence of the Biden administration’s “America Last” foreign policy.