Harris rides with Biden in presidential car Reps: She wants to replace him

Vice President Harris allegedly rode in the same car as Biden, sometimes together on Air Force One (Photo credit: Web screenshot)

In a recent speech to the public, Biden incoherently referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “the president” and then fell over several times while boarding Air Force One. Gates (Matt Gaetz) blasted Biden’s physical and mental health as being beyond his job, and said Harris was watching Biden’s health and preparing to replace him.

In an interview with “Fox News” host Sean Hannity on Friday (March 19), Gaetz said, “When it comes to Harris’ relationship with Biden, everybody in Washington knows that. Every Time Kamala Harris held Biden’s hand, she was checking Biden’s pulse.” Gates then shared the news with his 1.2 million Twitter followers.

Recently, it has been noted that Vice President Harris and Biden have recently become “inseparable,” with some recent mainstream media photos or White House photos showing the president traveling in a car with the vice president, and they have also traveled together on Marine One and even Air Force One.

In this regard, some American netizens point out the doubt: historically, the U.S. president and vice president generally do not travel together in one plane.

According to past practice, the U.S. vice president and the president do not travel together in the same carrier, for obvious security purposes. Biden himself did not travel on the same plane as Obama when he was vice president.

Politico reported in 2013, “From a security perspective, the risk to the president or vice president increases every time they travel outside of Washington. And having them both travel at the same time poses a risk that most administrations don’t want to take – something tragic could happen to both of them, handing the presidency over to a third in the presidential line of succession.”

According to an earlier report in the New York Times, Biden had not flown on Air Force One until he entered the White House. He had served as vice president for eight years, but had not shared a ride with the president.

The New York Times previously reported that “for security reasons, the vice president and the president will never fly together. Air Force Two (the vice presidential jet) is usually a Boeing 757, a smaller, much narrower and modest aircraft.”

Becker News, a right-wing outlet, joked that it would be wise to modify security procedures as Kamala Harris continues to take on more traditional presidential duties, such as holding numerous separate meetings with the head of state. Biden should be left alone to fly on Air Force Two and Harris on Air Force One to keep both safe.