61-year-old beauty Cherie Chung is in great shape, climbing mountain selfies without fear of vegetation

Recently (March 21), the beauty Chung Chor Hung (Hong Gu), who has been out of the movie for many years, shared a video clip of a hike on social media, posting “Challenging Mount Wong Ngau, wishing everyone a happy Sunday”. The video shows that she took advantage of the sunny weather on the weekend to go alone to challenge the Yellow Cow Mountain (Ma On Shan countryside), and she seems to be in a good mood.

The day (21) Chung Chor Hung wore a white short T with black sports pants, wearing sun-shading sunglasses and cap cap, carrying a hiking bag walking in the beauty of nature. On the way to climb the mountain, Hong Gu did not forget to shoot the surrounding good scenery, the yellow cow stone city into the eyes, strange rocks abound.

The young Cherie Chung, even if it is retired from the circle, or the beauty, everyone in the circle also respect her a red aunt. It is understood that Cherie Chung fell in love with the sport of mountain climbing from old friends Chow Yun Fat (Brother Fat) drive, claiming that the “mountain climbers” Brother Fat as their own exercise spiritual strength, never give in to old age!

To climb to the top of the highest peak, Cherie Chung is also stopped for a short break, during the selfie stick to take a selfie to remember, fearlessly face into the camera. The picture can be seen in the red aunt maintenance appropriate, state bursting, especially the fair and firm face stretching out the iconic smile, and young look almost coincide, is worthy of defeating the age of people.

The company’s social media accounts have been in good shape in recent years, as she has always loved outdoor sports such as mountain climbing and cycling. Despite the fact that she is over the age of 61, she does not show any signs of age and looks much younger than her peers!

Asked about the secret of freezing age over the years, Cherie Chung did not hesitate to share her “maintenance tips”, she said she never relied on maintenance but on health care, every day good mood is the biggest “maintenance products”. In private, you can indeed find that Cherie Chung often laughs, optimistic personality and adhere to the exercise, the state of natural maintenance good!