Why did Xi Jinping suddenly visit Fujian? The media found …

Xi Jinping kept a considerable distance from the arranged public when he visited Zhu Xi Park yesterday.

Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping suddenly returned yesterday (22) to Fujian, where he once ruled, for an inspection and research trip. His first stop was Wuyi Mountain, where he and his wife Peng Liyuan took a bamboo raft tour of the Jiuqu River in Wuyi Mountain, and a visit to the Zhu Xi Garden, which commemorates the Southern Song philosopher Zhu Zi. The media today have interpreted the visit, that Xi Jinping chose to visit these projects, respectively, Xi Jinping concern about the development of the ecological environment in the mainland, and repeatedly quoted Zhu Zi quotes, so to Zhu Xi Park. However, overseas Chinese media found that Xi Jinping’s visit, at each site, there are “people” waiting in line to wave and greet the General Secretary, questioning this is a long-standing arrangement of “mass actors”.

Overseas Chinese media analysis of the official media film, found that Xi Jinping yesterday in Wuyishan National Park, Xingcun town swallow areal ecological tea garden, Zhu Xi Park and other places, every place, there is a group of “people” were arranged, concentrated in an area, “waiting” to Xi Jinping walking by to say hello. These people are motionless, standing in place to wave, and there are suspected security guards in front and behind. The rest of Xi’s party was completely invisible to other visitors.

Xi Jinping also seems to deliberately keep a considerable distance from the “crowd”, when he waved with the crowd in Zhu Xi Garden, he kept more than 5 meters away from the crowd, and when he visited the tea plantation he stood on the road, in a condescending posture to lecture the farmers, and across a row of tea trees.

In other places Xi Jinping visited, no other visitors were seen.