See you soon! Chinese customers ordered 7 dishes switched 6 samples Jiang Zemin smothered the evil consequences of making a fortune

Mr. Wang in Wuhan, Hubei Province, ordered Food from a restaurant through a take-out platform recently, and found that the portion of food had decreased after receiving it, so he inquired about the restaurant. He was surprised to learn that only one of the seven dishes was made by the restaurant, and the rest of the dishes were purchased privately from other restaurants by the takeaway staff for fear of running out of Time. Mr. Wang also found that the take-out receipts are forged, suspected that the take-out staff overcharge to earn the price difference.

Mr. Wang said that last Friday (19) from a restaurant called “beautiful steamed shrimp” ordered take-out, because the cold noodles less than before, called the restaurant to check. The boss’s wife found from the photos transmitted by Mr. Wang, cold noodles with cucumbers and ham that the restaurant would not use, and then see other food photos, the boss’s wife said there are six dishes are not its exports. The owner also said that even Mr. Wang received a receipt are fake, she provided CCTV to confirm that the delivery man only took a dish from the store.

Inside the media reporters to trace the incident, on Saturday (20) to find the take-away agent involved Gan. Gan claimed that because of the distance when taking orders, in order to catch up with the delivery of food in another restaurant to buy six dishes, charging Mr. Wang 466 yuan (RMB, the same below, about 564 Hong Kong dollars), an overcharge of 36 yuan (about 43 Hong Kong dollars). But he did not mention how to print fake receipts.

Mr. Wang is worried that even fake receipts can be done, behind the scenes or involved in a syndicated operation. The incident has also led to concerns among netizens that the food may have been purchased from unknown restaurants, with no guarantee of hygiene. The takeaway platform responded on Monday (22) that it was unable to contact the takeaway staff involved and would investigate the incident with the police.