Tourists bring their own incense sticks, scolded by a temple monk in Sichuan

A few days ago, a monk at a temple in Kaijiang, Sichuan Province, scolded a visitor who brought incense sticks outside, sparking debate among netizens.

On Saturday (March 20), a video circulated online showing a woman saying that she went to the Jinshan Temple in Kaijiang, Sichuan to burn incense and was stopped by monks at the temple for carrying incense bought outside, and that the monks dropped her incense, and that the monks said she had to buy incense from them before she could burn it. The woman repeatedly asked who had stipulated this? The monk said “you do not care”, and later the monks present also followed her scolding.

In this regard, netizens have been discussing. Many netizens said these monks are “fake monks”. “Covered in patina…fake monks.” “A little compassion is not, full of brain, a stomach full of bad water, full of money taste, behind the incense field to investigate.” “This shave a bald man and pretend to be a monk.” “The mouth full of benevolence and morality full of profit-oriented.” “This monk six roots are not pure, desire is not shallow na.”

On March 21, the official microblogging site of the propaganda department of the county party committee of Kaijiang County, Sichuan Province, issued a notice on this, saying that the monks involved were seriously criticized and educated.

However, the CCP has an unshirkable responsibility for the chaos at the temple. The editorial board of “The Ultimate Purpose of Communism (7),” published in Nine Reviews of the Communist Party, writes that the CCP claims to be engaged in traditional Culture, but in reality, “religion sets the stage while the economy sings,” and temples have become a new type of “investment field” where contracting is prevalent. Temples have become a new type of “investment field,” with the prevalence of contracting temples for the purpose of making money and swindling. The abbot has become the CEO, the temple is going public, and the temple has become a good place to make money…

The article explains that there are numerous fake temples, fake Taoist temples, fake monks, fake masters, and fake Taoist masters in tourist attractions. Tour guides, lecturers, monks, Taoist masters a dragon to deceive tourists incense money, magic money, money to eliminate disasters, etc., a variety of patterns, the emergence of temples and Taoist temples indiscriminately issued “faith money” bizarre phenomenon. The business of running temples can be described as rolling in money, according to reports that a boss in Xi’an has seven or eight temples in his hands, earning tens of millions of dollars a year.

The article also indicates that while the CCP talks about restoring traditions, it continues to infiltrate party branches into temples and religious institutes, and continues to emphasize the need to strengthen the role of Marxism in guiding traditional culture.