“My father is Li Gang” reappears Jiangsu male train station forced to break into the security check, choking “my brother is positive”

“Do you have kids? What’s wrong with me referring to you?” “My brother is a positive division, the level is higher than you!” This is what a man said to the police when he forced his way through the security check at Yancheng railway station in Jiangsu recently, when the live video sparked the attention of netizens.

Recently, in Yancheng Railway Station, the man Yin wanted to force his way into the station. The video shows that after being stopped by the staff, Yin kept questioning, abusing and pushing the staff. After the police arrived, Yin was still arrogant, saying, “My brother is a departmental level, higher than you, is in charge of you,” and threatened, “Do you know Wu XX?”

According to land media reports, after investigation, Yin has been dealt with several times for fighting and brawling. Currently, he has been sentenced to five days of administrative detention for disturbing order in a public place.

Netizens have questioned who is the “Wu XX” that Yin referred to in the media report.

Many years ago, there was a “My father is Li Gang” farce on the mainland. The phrase has become one of the hottest buzzwords on the Internet, and there is an online contest to create sentences based on the phrase “My father is Li Gang”.

The “My father is Li Gang” incident has raised concerns among netizens about the brutality of the second generation of mainland officials. The “second generation of officials” has thus become the focus of the Internet.