Chinese Communist Virus Massive Outbreak at Biden’s Detention Facility for Illegal Immigrant Children Texas Governor Orders Investigation

As early as last week, sources told The Gateway Pundit that U.S.-Mexico border patrol agents are not allowed to talk to the U.S. media about the sordid conditions and absolute chaos at the border. The Gateway Pundit believes that this is a deliberate attempt by the Biden regime to hide the crisis from the American people.

NBC has also reported that officials have said that there are limits to what border agents can share with the media, and that this was conveyed verbally. Despite this, some have released videos of the influx of illegal immigrants at the border.

Biden’s open border policy has led to an influx of more than 100,000 illegal immigrants and fake refugees at the U.S.-Mexico border in just one month. Biden and the Democrats do not want to slow this influx into the U.S. just yet. Most importantly, the Biden Administration is allowing illegal immigrants with the Chinese Communist virus to move across the United States without even testing these illegal immigrants for the virus.

Now, Texas Governor Abbott has ordered the state Department of health to investigate the illegal immigrant facility for minors in Carrizo Springs!

Texas Governor Abbott on Friday slammed the Biden regime for the sudden influx of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children into the U.S.-Mexico border zone in large numbers, causing conditions at federally-run facilities housing unaccompanied illegal immigrant children to fail to meet requirements.

The federal government’s child holding facility in Midland, Texas, proved to be unfit to hold children by failing to meet health standards. Also the CCP virus was found in the federal child holding facility in Carrizo Springs.

In a written statement released Friday, Gov. Abbott said

“The Biden Administration has been an abject failure when it comes to ensuring the safety of unaccompanied migrant children crossing the U.S. border. Unaccompanied nonimmigrant children in Texas are being placed in facilities operated by the federal Department of Health and are facing unacceptable, inhumane conditions. There is no excuse for the Biden administration to subject these children to such conditions. Biden’s refusal to address the border crisis has not only allowed criminals such as human traffickers and smugglers to succeed, but has also exposed innocent unaccompanied illegal immigrant children to disease and potentially unsafe living conditions. The federal government must act now to protect the safety of these children, secure our borders, and end this humanitarian crisis.”

Governor Abbott went on to announce the deployment of Texas Department of Health resources and personnel to the DOH facility in Carrizo Springs to investigate, identify and combat the CCHS virus outbreak. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has notified federal officials of the need to address serious water issues at the Midland facility.

Governor Abbott tweeted, “The Biden Administration has turned a humanitarian crisis into a complete disaster. One site housing unaccompanied children has no clean running water and a massive outbreak of the CCP virus. Another site also has a massive outbreak of the Chinese Communist virus. They were unprepared for the open borders policy.”