France sees surge in serious cases of CCP virus, all those infected with new variant die

A health care worker vaccinates people over 75 years old and susceptible people against the Chinese communist virus at a vaccination center in western France, Jan. 19, 2021.

The outbreak of Chinese Communist pneumonia (COVID-19) in France has accelerated in recent days, with the number of confirmed cases exceeding 30,000 per day for several days, a surge in the number of seriously ill patients, and the cumulative death toll about to surpass the 100,000 mark, with a one-month lockdown issued in Paris. In addition, the latest variant of the virus found in France can evade nucleic acid detection, and the eight people found infected have all died.

According to the latest data released by Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the number of confirmed cases in France reached 35,004 on a single day on Saturday (20), with 276 new deaths on a single day. To date, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in France has exceeded 4.25 million, with a cumulative death toll of 92,167.

The French Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that the number of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) in France has surged recently, and the total number of patients admitted to the ICU has reached 4,353, breaking the highest record again this year, causing the country’s medical resources to be strained.

According to publicly available information, the 7-day average of 34,451 new confirmed cases in France during the week of March 14-20 indicates that the communist pneumonia Epidemic in France is accelerating.

In response to the outbreak, the French government has announced on March 19 a 1-month blockade in the Paris metropolitan area, Hauts-de-France, Seine-Maritime, and Alpes-Maritimes. However, this Time the blockade is a bit more lenient compared to the previous two closures.

Last Monday, the French Ministry of Health announced that a new variant strain of the Chinese Communist virus had been discovered in the town of Lannion, in the country’s Brittany region, and was virtually undetectable by virtue of nucleic acid detection methods. Scientists have named the French variant of the virus “le variant breton”.

According to the French media Ladepeche, the variant strain “le variant breton” was first discovered in a hospital in the French town of Lannion. Eight patients at the hospital showed typical symptoms of CCP pneumonia, but all tested negative for nucleic acid. Eventually, researchers were able to detect this new variant of the strain by testing blood samples and respiratory tissues from the infected patients, all eight of whom had died.

After the discovery of the “le variant breton” strain in Brittany, which has been one of the regions in France with the fewest reported confirmed cases of pneumonia, speculation began that the low number of confirmed cases in the region might be related to the new variant’s ability to evade nucleic acid testing.

Preliminary findings by experts suggest that the “le variant breton” strain is more virulent or contagious than other variants that have been previously identified around the world.

Scientists are currently conducting further risk studies on this new variant strain to verify the strain’s response to developed vaccines against the CCP virus as well as antibodies in people who have been infected with the virus.