Chinese Communist Party’s “State Master” Leaks Means to Compete with U.S.

Jin Canrong is the director of the Center for Foreign Strategic Studies at Renmin University, and he often speaks publicly about great power strategy, and is jokingly referred to by netizens as the “state teacher. He is considered to be one of the think tanks close to Xi Jinping, as he often speaks wildly and constantly panders to Xi’s ideas. He is known as an expert on the United States, and as early as 2016, Jin Canrong disclosed in a speech Xi’s ploy for hegemony over the United States.

On July 23, 2016, Jin Canrong held a lecture at the South Congress International Conference Center in Guangzhou on the topic of “Sino-US Strategic Philosophy”, and he spoke for two full days. 5 years ago, Jin Canrong leaked his plans for the U.S., but now it has become the cause of a full-scale confrontation between the U.S. and China.

The actual talk is about fighting with the United States for hegemony. What Jin Canrong said five years ago should have surprised many people.

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Eight major points of conflict between the United States and China
In his speech, Jin Chanrong rattled off eight major points of conflict between the U.S. and China.

He said: “The first issue, regional leadership competition …… China is now expanding its influence in the Asia-Pacific region, and countries in the Asia-Pacific region are economically dependent on China and security dependent on the United States. The United States is not as effective as before, before these countries are economically dependent on the United States, security rely on the United States, now these countries have changed their attitudes …… In addition we have some moves to intensify this relationship, President Xi told Obama that the Pacific Ocean is big enough to accommodate the United States and China, the United States is very angry. “

On the second point of conflict, Jin Canrong said, “The United States is very concerned about China’s military modernization …… our military modernization, although it is not offensive, still defensive, but strategically is to challenge the U.S. military hegemony.”

He added: “Third, the field of competition between China and the United States is expanding from limited space to unlimited space …… space, cyber, electronic confrontation …… really powerful is our two. “

Jin Canrong said: “Fourth, China’s industrial upgrading and the internationalization of the yuan, the internationalization of the yuan is certain to do, the internationalization of the yuan crowded dollar space, the United States is certainly not happy. Then is the industrial upgrading …… I admire huawei, in the field of telecommunications equipment is doing very well …… and DJI international Drones are doing very well, Huada Gene, BYD (BYD), Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry, now Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry accounted for 75% of the world’s port machinery …… all our trading partners now say that China goes its own way not to give others a way to live, which is the highest praise …… scolded is a recognition of our progress … …Finally industrial upgrading to a certain extent, the nature of trade relations between China and the United States will change …… After some more Time, the nature of China and the United States economic and trade from the original complementarity into competition.”

The industrial upgrading, or “2025 manufacturing plan” that Jin Canrong is talking about, has been crushed by Trump‘s trade war.

Jin Canrong also said, “Fifth, towards the deep blue …… eighteenth big determined to build a strong country in the sea, towards the deep blue, but towards the deep blue on a collision course with the United States.”

The sixth problem he mentioned is what he himself called China’s pluralism, he said, “It is very difficult to form a consensus among policy discussions, for example, now China’s policy towards the United States is very divergent, the previous policy towards the United States is very consistent, is to make friends with the United States, now on the Internet still many people are pro-US, but also many people are anti-American, so now it is very difficult to build consensus …… is starting to interfere with our decisions on the U.S.”

The sixth problem, according to Jin Canrong himself, is more of an internal CCP problem; the current top brass wants to fight for supremacy, the party is not unanimous, and now that it has screwed up, the CCP top brass’s fear of being held accountable has become a major theme of CCP infighting.

Jin Canrong also said, “Seventh, the Chinese model, may challenge the American model …… China really has a model, and the model is quite effective, which forms a theoretical challenge to the United States.”

This should not be Jin Canrong feeling good about himself, but standing up for the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping does repeatedly emphasize “institutional confidence.

Jin Chanrong mentioned the eighth point: “The confident United States also has the fundamental virtue of being very tolerant and humorous, and he doesn’t take it personally when you scold him. Today’s United States entered menopause, temperament has become worse, can not stand to scold, scolded really anxious with you, no sense of humor, more and more like India, this United States is difficult to deal with, before very good to deal with.”

This should be the illusion of Jin Canrong himself or the top of the Chinese Communist Party, the United States is increasingly aware of the hypocrisy and trickery of the Chinese Communist Party, naturally can no longer be tolerant.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Tricky Treatment of the United States
In his speech, Jin did not forget to analyze the Chinese Communist Party’s tricks against the United States.

He said: “China now has two approaches, one is President Hu’s no trick is better than a trick, do nothing. The Americans have moved their troops over to engage in the TPP …… China has not yet reflected anything, and still think that China is unpredictable, in fact, China is no way. By the end of 2012, after the 18th National Congress is President Xi ruling, President Xi is temperamental, people have felt a great temper, people are less east, less east back temperamental, so President Xi ran to the United States in June 2013 to visit, he proposed that we want to engage in a new type of major power relations …… a little effect, but also not very successful …… probably the situation is this, we mentioned a slogan, the slogan is false, but a little benefit, occupy the moral pawn, but also win two years of time …… tactical level, we no matter how noisy, we keep the dialogue, there is a crisis immediately control the crisis, no matter how not to let the crisis escalate.”

Jin Canrong basically told the big set of the Chinese Communist Party to fool the United States, and now should also want to repeat such a road, he also talked about the specific set at that time said, “Trump came to power will not know what the long-term strategy will be. Our long-term strategy in China is very stable …… so that the United States has to accept …… In addition we are actively expanding our layout without being in direct conflict with the United States. For example, some of the things we have done in the past few years, the Belt and Road, the BRICS Bank, the ADB, the Eastern Air Defense Identification Zone, and the building of islands in the South China Sea …… basically still grasp the degree. For example, we build islands in the South China Sea, this thing is quite a big stimulus to the United States, but we are waiting for the United States to fight Syria, involved in Ukraine when we build islands. The United States found out last June that we built such a large island, we immediately reported to the leadership I do not build. In fact, not not built, why built to the end of June, because in July typhoons came …… This is the first reason. The second reason is the scientific reason, the South China Sea to build the island to pump the sea sand, and special water a mix into the ground, this is a new process, the world did not, and then to test the science …… but we reported to the United States said report the government, we do not build. The United States used to be happy for a few months, or I have face it.”

This is how the Chinese Communist Party deceived the Obama administration, but did not expect to hide from the Trump Administration, the Chinese Communist Party should think that against the Biden administration may still be effective.

Jin Canrong also said: “Third, expand the cooperation side, with incremental dilution of the stock,…… now we deal with Sino-US relations, we have a lot of problems, and can not be solved, we try to make the cooperation side bigger. The competitive side accounts for 60%, the cooperative side accounts for 40%, it is very difficult to solve the competitive side at this time; if through efforts to reduce the competitive side to 30%, 70% of the cooperative side, although the competitive issues a not solved, but the proportion of the overall relationship down, this time you then go to solve a little harder.”

After Biden took power, the CCP still tried to continue this approach by constantly claiming cooperation and desperately trying to meet with the U.S. at a high level.

Infiltrating and Screwing the U.S.
Jin Canrong added: “There is another strategy called penetrating deep into the United States …… to fight for our investments in the United States on good terms …… to make money and control the market. There is also a political consequence, if China can finally get a very fair treatment, I believe there are many Chinese capital finally to the United States. The investment opportunities in the United States are relatively good, relatively open, more open than Japan and Europe, the market capacity is relatively large, the legal system is transparent and predictable, and the protection is good. So the first is the economic value, the second is the political value. Our Chinese government hopes that in the end, each U.S. Congressman’s district has Chinese investment, and China can hold thousands or thousands of votes, and that can influence his attitude. In fact, the U.S. House of Representatives can be controlled, because the U.S. 312 million people, 435 House of Representatives, an average of a House of Representatives district is about 750,000 people, 750,000 people’s turnout is only 30%, that is, about 200,000 to decide his fate. Generally speaking two people bite very tightly, will not be a particularly large gap, and in the end I estimate that the difference will be 10,000 votes or a few thousand votes. So you have to have a few thousand votes in hand, you are his father. China can buy the United States well, the U.S. Congress into the second NPC Standing Committee, that will jump out of the Thucydides trap.”

Jin Canrong had no qualms about leaking the plans of the Communist Party’s top brass to infiltrate the U.S. Not only that, he also suggested a number of evil tricks. He said, “Of course we can have other evil tricks, such as making the chaos in the world go further …… If the U.S. has three enemies outside, I reckon it will start to faint, and with four it will be completely impossible to find its way. The task of Chinese strategy is to ensure that there are four enemies, terrorists are certainly one, Russia is very much like one, but not enough, China once found a way to support Brazil,…… In short, this is a strategic idea, how to do later and then discuss. Because we ourselves can’t run by him as a competitor, so we also have to do some preparation.

“There is also an international chaos, draw like on bad for us, economically bad for us, but in the strategy is quite good for us. There’s another one to make sure the U.S. gets into a debt crisis. The last few are evil tricks, you can’t say to the Americans, the first few can be crowned to say that the development of self, the layout of the situation without a head-on conflict with the United States, these can be said, but the last few are evil tricks, can only be intended, can not be said to the public.”

The biggest evil trick of the Chinese Communist Party in 2020 was to conceal the Epidemic and spread the virus around the world, scavenging medical supplies from countries around the world in advance at the expense of Chinese nationals. Now that the Chinese Communist Party thinks it has gotten Trump out of office, it wants to continue to use these evil tricks on the Biden Administration, depending on whether the U.S. will really wake up.