Alaska-China Talks – A Great Shame for the United States

The Geller Report: The exchange between Chinese Communist Party officials and the Biden administration should scare every rational American. The Biden Administration is made up of Obama-era globalists who are completely incapable of confronting the Chinese Communist Party.

Instead, they will appease the CCP in China’s efforts to overtake the United States and dominate the world. Indeed, now that the U.S. government is in the hands of the left, the bullies of the world will have their day in the sun. A Biden administration would be a disaster for America. Worse than the Obama administration.

Under Trump, we were respected and revered. And now, our enemies are gaining momentum and America is a laughingstock.

Democratic President Joe Biden faced major backlash Friday after a meeting between his administration and Chinese Communist Party officials on U.S. soil that was widely criticized as tense, chaotic and disastrous.

The meeting in Alaska was requested by the Biden administration and was an attempt to restart their bilateral relationship with China. Instead, after resolving a number of issues between the administration and China, China publicly ridiculed and attacked the United States.

Chinese officials told Biden’s administration that the United States “has no business talking about taking a strong stand against China.” “The Western world does not represent global public opinion, either in terms of population size or world trends.”

Our government is spineless now.

Absolutely owned.

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    Biden faces backlash after ‘humiliating’ China meeting

The Daily Wire, March 19, 2021

China analyst Gordon Chang responded that China “did not come to Alaska to talk to the Biden administration.

They are here to give orders,” Chang said. China’s arrogant, insecure leaders are most dangerous. Deterrence is failing. Biden’s most urgent task is to rebuild it.”

Richard Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence, said, “Biden is too weak, and many other countries are happy about that.” ” The ‘awakening’ American media is too partisan to report fairly.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, while not directly criticizing Biden’s performance at the meeting, wrote on Twitter, “Power deters bad guys. Weakness leads to war.”

Rebeccah Heinrichs, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, told the Daily Caller in a statement:

I’m glad to see (Secretary of State Anthony Blinken) raising the issue of China’s review of Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang. But for this inflection point in U.S.-China relations, we need much more than a bold, by-the-book statement.

Instead of focusing on specific demands to China that convey our seriousness, the U.S. team insulted the half of Americans who voted for Trump and expressed delight at his administration’s foreign policy, saying “America is back.” “America never left. The approach of the last administration refocused us on China and strength, not just abstractions, when dealing with other countries.

The Biden team told China that the “rules-based international order” system is not an abstraction. Yet it is an abstract concept. The United States does have a better system than China, and we have the moral authority to lead, and when China destroys our aircraft carriers and bases and dominates Asia with it, we can comfort ourselves with the beautiful concept of democracy. Because that’s what’s going to happen if we don’t take it seriously soon. Team Biden rebukes China and tells them that might doesn’t make right. That’s true. But might defends what’s right. If we don’t do well with power, then peace under American might (Pax Americana) is a good alternative.

We have external threats like China, but at Home, critical race theory and identity politics have left us divided and self-loathing. The Chinese Communist Party knows this. That’s why they used those “black lives matter” talking points in Alaska. So, just as important as using power against China, Republican officials and anyone who will listen must do what they can to end anti-American indoctrination at home.

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North American Conservative Review: The Yang Jiechi in Alaska was almost a different person from the one Pompeo met with in Hawaii last August. The latter was respectful and humble, even subservient, while the former was domineering and bossy, blatantly lecturing the U.S. leader on U.S. soil: “You are not qualified!” — This is an open insult to all Americans, including those of Chinese descent! It is a great disgrace to America!

What makes this so? It couldn’t be clearer that Joe Biden, the “supreme leader” of the United States today, is already in the palm of their hand, and they have long since put a leash around Biden’s neck through the transfer of benefits. Although Blinken and Sullivan had to pretend to bark a few times at Yang Jiechi in front of the reporters’ cameras, anyone could hear that it was nothing more than the wailing of two bereaved dogs who could not possibly resist the aggressive attack of the Chinese Communist Party at all.

This meeting was suggested by the Biden administration, who wanted to tell the Chinese Communist Party that the Trump Administration was wrong to suppress you, and that I, the Biden administration, was ready to resume relations with you, the Chinese Communist Party. But in order to put on a facade, the serious human rights violations in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places of the Chinese Communist Party atrocities still need to be mentioned. I did not expect that even so, I would receive a scolding from Yang Jiechi. How embarrassing.

It can be expected that in the next four years, Sino-US relations will be gradually restored according to the CCP’s plan, trade sanctions will be lifted, and the CCP’s penetration of all levels of American society will become even more rapid, and if the Democratic Party stays in power, the US may evolve into a big Hong Kong.