In-depth analysis of female auxiliary police sleep after extortion case

The verdict is estimated that the general public are too lazy to look closely, and will not look deeply, but in fact, the verdict has been the female auxiliary police ups and downs of youth written very clearly, just fragmented information confusion. I’ll give you a stroke.

The female auxiliary police was born in October 1994, Lianyungang City Public Security Bureau Haizhou Branch auxiliary police, living in Jiangsu Province, Gouyun County. June 19, 2019 was detained. That is, when she was detained in June 2019, she was an auxiliary police officer of Lianyungang Haizhou Branch. According to Baidu, Haizhou District is the political, economic and cultural center of Lianyungang City.

The first phase of female auxiliary police officers 19 years old

From March 2014 to January 2015, Sun was the head of Nangang Police Station of Gouyun County Public Security Bureau. Lasted for 11 months and demanded compensation of 1 million.

From May to August 2014, Director Zhu of Sizhuang Police Station, Gouyun County, lasting for 4 months, claiming compensation of 100,000 yuan.

County police station chief, searched, the police age is generally more than 8 years, age 30 +. Female auxiliary police is only 19 years old, the young girl long-term sustained by the leadership of the sleep, indeed, is not easy. It’s not good to start all being submarine rules.

She may start in the Nangang police station as an auxiliary police, so and the immediate leadership of Sun maintained a relatively stable relationship between the middle and the chief of the Sizhuang police station looked, so the two chiefs became “siblings The two chiefs became “brothers-in-law”.

There is also a possibility that the chief is the first to sleep, after abusing his power to place the mistress as an auxiliary police officer.

Anyway, this stage is not extortion, feel more like “adoption”.

In February 2015 to February 2016, the female auxiliary police empty window for 1 year and 1 month. It can be seen that the young girl is not so keen to sleep with married greasy middle-aged public officials cash.

The second phase of the female auxiliary police officer 21

From March to May 2016, Lianyungang City Public Security Bureau Haizhou Branch of the Lu Nan Police Station Liu (Liu Mou B), lasting for 3 months, claiming compensation of 200,000.

Since the ancient times, red-headed girls have a thin Life. Beautiful girls, if not good Family conditions to protect the good, there is no “princess life”, that is, the West Shi Mink Cicada Yang Guifei Chen Yuan Yuan. From childhood to childhood are the focus of harassment, if into the wolf’s den is even worse, may also be given as a gift to the leadership. The female auxiliary police in Gouyun County and Lianyungang City Center with the system “on the poor” is how to sleep together, it is also worth thinking about.

You should know that before having a relationship with Liu Mou B, the female auxiliary police has been “clean” for 1 year and 1 month.

From June to July 2016, Mr. Chen, Chairman of the Trade Union of Gouyun County Maternal and Child health Hospital, for a period of 2 months, demanded compensation of 108,000 yuan.

From September to December 2016, Principal Guan of the central elementary school of the four teams in Gouyun County, lasting for 4 months, demanding compensation of 450,000 yuan.

This stage feels like the female auxiliary police no longer believe in love, are 2-3 months of odd jobs, the monthly unit price are similar, may be according to the individual’s ability to pay to do a little fine-tuning.

The third stage of female auxiliary police officers 22 years old

From February to September 2017, an inappropriate gender relationship with Lin, lasting for 8 months, and then demanded RMB 140,000 from a person on the grounds of purchasing a house and making a down payment.

This paragraph is also counted as extortion really confusing ……

The “inappropriate sexual relations” probably means that Lin is not single, but even if the extramarital affair, for 8 months, to 140,000 to buy a house, there is no threat, Lin is not The public servant, this can be considered extortion?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. But during this period female auxiliary police have part-Time jobs.

From May to June 2017, President Lan of Steep Gulch Health Center in Gouyun County, which lasted for 2 months, demanded compensation of 150,000 yuan.

From July to August 2017, Xu Moujia, a staff member of the Medicine depot of Steep Gou Town Health Center in Gouyun County, lasting for 2 months, demanded compensation of 298,000 yuan.

These two former and former brothers-in-law are the same unit up and down the hierarchical relationship, but it looks like the economic strength of the drug depot staff (youshui) is not ordinary, which pricingdouble leadership.

From September 2017 to February 2018, the female auxiliary police took another six months off.

Phase IV female auxiliary police 23 years old

March 2018 to April 2019, the female auxiliary police again with the then deputy director of the Lianyungang City Public Security Bureau Haizhou Branch Liu Mou B inappropriate gender relations, and later to purchase a house to pay the down payment, pregnancy and miscarriage compensation, breakup compensation on the grounds that Liu Mou B demanded a total of RMB 1.08 million. It lasted for 14 months.

Please note! Director Liu has become Director Liu!

Liu Mou B is the female auxiliary police slept with many lovers, the only one in the center of Lianyungang City, a senior leader, but also the only one back to the grass.

It is estimated that also in this period, the female auxiliary police seized the opportunity to get out of Gouyun County, became the auxiliary police of Lianyungang City Public Security Bureau Haizhou Branch, which is Liu Mou B’s subordinates. Long-term relationship.

In this long 14 months, she did not mess around with other men again.

This is the most stable and longest relationship a female auxiliary police officer has ever had. After a month or so, she was taken into custody.

1.08 million is not a one-time demand, but to purchase a house to pay the down payment, pregnancy and miscarriage compensation, breakup compensation, in installments.

Not to say how the legal people look, just ask everyone, this long-term stable relationship, something to find some reason to point money, your simple intuition, like a felony can be sentenced to more than 10 years?

With the first intuition, it is estimated that people who do not know the law will also say, this is not the second wife?

And if Secretary Liu feels that he was extorted for the first time, he is a director of public security, but also willingly knocked for the second time? Knock on more than a year? It is difficult to self-consistent ah ……

Perhaps all the money these people spend on their second wives / mistresses in a few years, are counted as the amount involved in the mistress extortion, whether it is to buy a house, buy clothes, eat, drink and spend, or abortion ……

Finally, the female auxiliary police said they should be counted as a surrender, the judge said not, but found that the confession and pleaded guilty to punishment, according to the law “lighter punishment and lenient treatment”, sentenced to 13 years. The recovery of illegal income 3.726 million yuan, and a fine of 5 million yuan.

There is a say one, I have not seen the workplace second wife sentenced so heavy ……

Sneak said, so a comparison, Wu Xiubo seems to be less repulsive ……


It’s not easy to eat a melon, I’m lying under the covers in the middle of the night knocking with my phone. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal on this.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing:

The most interesting thing about the case of extortion of female auxiliary police in Gouyun County is that the verdict completely eliminates the context in which these public officials had a relationship with the female auxiliary police. The most interesting thing about the case is that it completely eliminates the context in which these public officials had a relationship with the female auxiliary police.

  1. The earliest relationships with Xu were with two police station chiefs and one deputy director of the public security system in Gouyun County, all of whom were Xu’s superiors. It is hard to imagine, within the unit, these people do not take the initiative, Xu women how to take the initiative to seduce.
  2. Although there is a clear working relationship between the upper and lower levels, the three so-called “victims” are not in the same unit, and the first two chiefs had relations with them only one or two months apart. The first two directors had relations with them only a month or two apart, so what is the context of the relationship? The first two directors had relations with them only a month or two apart, so what was the context of the relationship? Or, in this situation, there is no alcohol, drug-related (please search Qidong civil servants drug testing incident), involved in rape?

3, if there is such a situation, it is not a neutral description of “improper male and female relations”, but to reconsider, in the end, who is the victim.

  1. All the male “victims” are local leaders with a small amount of power, how they are in a fairly short period of time, in what organization and approach How do they have a relationship with a woman of their children’s generation (and this woman only with their circle) in a fairly short period of time and with what organization and proximity? This is not a private matter, this is a matter of public interest. Again, the way in which this is organized, the context in which the relationship takes place, all have to be used to remeasure what happened to Xu’s daughter. Simply put – was she consensual from the beginning to the end?
  2. Xu was only 19 years old when she first had sex with Sun, the chief of Nangang police station. How do you explain that a 19-year-old girl with a not too bad job was going to initiate sex with her boss and then exchange it for financial gain by means similar to blackmail? Or the fact that she encountered irresistible sexual violence and then abandoned herself to the path of no return? (Of course, whether she became an auxiliary police officer before or after the fact is not disclosed. If she became an auxiliary police officer after the fact, the “victims” are suspected of abuse of power.)

6, Xu women’s extortion, is the beginning of the extortion while sleeping, or to hold back for a long time, because of an event or trigger, suddenly realized that they can be in this way to get a justice? But the verdict is not even clear on when the Xu woman asked for money.

  1. If it was an extra-marital sexual relationship in the general sense (which it obviously wasn’t), it is hard to imagine that all of these “victims” would have been compensated with a substantial amount of money (almost all of them exceeded their It is inconceivable that all of these “victims” would have settled their cases privately by giving them substantial monetary compensation (almost all of them exceeding their average annual legal income).
  2. If it is a rape case, it is the right of the person concerned to give money for a private settlement, not extortion.
  3. Therefore, Gouyun County cannot just deal with the officials as the end game of this case. The first question to solve is, who (first) is the victim, who in the end, the party discipline or violated the state law? The most important thing is, is the 19-year-old Xu the only one in that situation?

The factual part of the first trial verdict is attached for reference.